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Competitive Pokemon GTS Distribution Thread

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Greetings :)

I've been trying to set up my computer in order to use IR-GTS, however, I'm having some problems.

IR-GTS tells me to set my DS' DNS to, however, as the first post indicates, I have to set it to my computer's IP in that case. But when I set my DS' primary and secondary DNS to that value, it doesn't let me connect, giving me the error code 052102-1.

Oh, and my DS works when I set the DNS setting to auto-detect, but obviously I cannot use IR-GTS with that :P

Any help would be appreciated.



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i happened to notice that the "last modified date" is different on some otherwise identical files between what i had from an old rar that i downloaded several months ago, and some of the files in the new rar that i downloaded today. it has been a while since i downloaded from here, so i don't know when this change would have happened, but i am just wondering if there is any significance to this, or if it is just a random occurance?

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i started fresh with a new archive back when the GTS moved over here. there is an old one somewhere and you probably got it before we changed over to the current one.

also, i swapped the celebi.zip file. it had been giving out GAMESTP celebis, but it was switched over to WIN2011 celebis since the GAMESTP celebis won't be given out at all in an official manner.

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Hi Bod967,

Just wanted to say thank you for all these Awesome RNG'd pokemon, and let you know that I have a thread similar to RoC's over at the GTS, and your pokemon are a big hit with everyone there! I hope you continue your services for a long time!

A quick question though: how do you get your RNG'd events (like Ash's Pikachu) into .pkm format? IR-GTS won't allow me to upload anything with a classic ribbon, so I am curious on this as I would like to try my hand at RNG for event pokemon. does it have to do with the PCD/PGT editor?

Thanks in adavance for your answers

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Hi bond, ye sending via hyper GTS cause it missed yours, but the file name is spiky ear pichu, everything matches the spiky ear pichu from the event (eg nature-naughty,female, hold item-zap plate and place-ibex forest and moveset are the same as the spiky ear one). i have a spiky ear one already it's just i wanted one that has max IV that's all. So was it a mistake or am i doing something wrong since i didn't change anything.

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Just wondering this guys: now that codejunkies has the game id and codes for the U.S version of B/W has Pokegen been updated with this info yet? i want to get all those files bond RNG'd into my game when I pick it up tomorrow!

if not, any other program out there that will make codes to put them in the game thru my AR?

Last time I checked Pokegen only had the JP games ID.....

thanks in adavance for any answers you may provide!

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