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  1. I'm pretty sure all of the Pokémon have evolutions; when they evolve the game transcribes to the English cartridge name
  2. Thank you very much yet again Bond; if it's OK I'll post what I received so others can have an idea/checklist Charmander (DW Ability) Jolteon (DW Ability) Deino (from gen 5 .pkm batch in first post) Landorus (Shiny) Terrakion (Shiny) Vulpix (DW Ability) Torchic (DW Ability) Vulcarona (from gen 5 .pkm batch in first post) Bulbasaur (DW Ability) Yamask (I believe .pkm batch) Scraggy (Ash's Scraggy Event) There were duplicates and I received in the following order: Charmander, Jolteon, Deino, Charmander, Landorus, Terrakion, Vulpix, Torchic, Volcarona, Vulpix, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Yamask, Jolteon, Landorus, Deino, Scraggy, Terrakion, Volcarona ^^quit receiving under the assumption I had obtained them all
  3. Many thanks! Can you tell me if I will just receive Snivy or if Oshawott is still in the mix? *crosses fingers*
  4. Hey JMW! Sorry to hear about the negativity towards you on the other site, for starters. If you want to get rid of some Pokés in the meantime I would love to receive them I'm having issues as well with the GTS. I am about to try on my DSLite but when I use my DSi, I am prompted to change my settings on the main menu screen (which I didn't have to do in 4Gen) and when I do change the DNS on my console I get the 52000-1 or 52100-1 errors and I don't know if they are because the server is down or because I am doing something wrong.. I guess I just need the question answered, are the servers up at the moment? Thanks for all your hard work!
  5. I'm pretty sure Shadow Lugia has to be purified if transferred to GBA games and that would make it normal-colored right? Isn't it basically Lugia caught in Gale of Darkness?
  6. Hey bud, would it be too much to add the Bold 31/16/31/31/31/31 Mesprit from Bond's 'spunk.zip' package? I'm having trouble downloading .pkm files from my computer, I think it's because of my router!
  7. The wait is not a problem at all! I would gladly wait weeks longer for the gratitude!! Timid would be fantastico! I know you don't do requests and I greatly appreciate your help. Now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure Mesprit was never an event Pokémon and I feel kind of dull asking ARH in this thread.. I really can't thank you guys enough for how hard you guys must work to make so many people happy!! I will continue to abuse your GTSs and share the wealth lol! Keep up the amazing work
  8. Hey thank you for giving away free Pokémon, it's very generous of you!! I was wondering if you had a legit flawless Mesprit to distribute, preferably shiny. I've been looking all over for one to use in the Battle Frontier but no one seems to have one with even decent stats =( Thanks for the consideration and keep up the amazing GTS!!
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