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Competitive Pokemon GTS Distribution Thread

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Top Posters In This Topic is currently hosting a shiny, timid, elec 70 snivy for anyone who wants it.

How do I have to make it in Black/White? Is it like: enter pokecenter, go to the far right lady and ask for GTS (not GTS negotiation!)? Is this correct?

Of course I have entered your DNS server number in my DS.

I have made it like this and I get an error message (error at data transfer, visit "support.nintendo.com" to get further help. Error Code 13275)

I have used your GTS many many times for my SS/HG or other 4th gen games and I was really looking forward to the 5th gen GTS. So could you please help me out now? I really like to have this Snivy downloaded.

Is there something special to do before using 5th gen GTS?

On the first page of this thread, you write DNS server number Snivy -- Overgrow 1st RNG-ed 5th gen starter!

Here in the last post, your write the server address! So which one is correct? I have used both.

When I use, then I receive the message as posted some lines above.

When I use, then I receive a connection error.

So please help me out of this little misery. I want that Snivy so much, lol.

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which server number is correct? or

And am I doing it right? Enter Pokecenter, and ask the far right lady for GTS. Just as if I would use the normal GTS, correct?

And I only have to set the first DNS address at my DS to your server's address, correct? Or both DNSes? (I mean primary and secondary DNS server)

edit: just seen that 75..... should be correct, as the first page it corrected.

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okay, now as I have the right server address (75....), I also get this error code 52100!! The other error which I was writing of in my post on the last page was because of wrong server address.

But now, the error code is 52100.

Strange: with my Japanese edition, it works!! But NOT with my German edition (error code 52100). And I use one and the same DS Lite for both.

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Just so I understand, is ir-GTS-bw still in beta. Also are you guys just going to be contempt with just this, or will there be a 5th Gen Hyper GTS in the distant future?

Just trying to get the facts if somebody could help.

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I'm lost. I do everything that I have normally done in the past, but nothing happens when I enter the GTS? Not sure where to go from here. On another note: CONGRATS on your new pokes!

Hey JMW! Sorry to hear about the negativity towards you on the other site, for starters. If you want to get rid of some Pokés in the meantime I would love to receive them xD

I'm having issues as well with the GTS. I am about to try on my DSLite but when I use my DSi, I am prompted to change my settings on the main menu screen (which I didn't have to do in 4Gen) and when I do change the DNS on my console I get the 52000-1 or 52100-1 errors and I don't know if they are because the server is down or because I am doing something wrong..

I guess I just need the question answered, are the servers up at the moment?

Thanks for all your hard work!

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