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Eevee Friends: Glaceon .

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From 15th July (Sat) to 23rd July (Sun), Eevee Friends was distributed via Infrared,
to players that visited the Pokemon Pop-up Store at Hyundai Department Store Shinchon Station Underground 2F Connection Passage Graduation Tempyo.
This is a once per day event, meaning it'll take 8 different days to collect all the Eeveelutions.

 Species   Glaceon 
 Nickname   (default, save lang) 
 OT   포켓몬스토어 
 TID   170715 
 Distribution   Infrared 
 Location   a lovely place 
 Dates   Jul 15 - Jul 23, 2017 
 PID   Cannot Be Shiny 
 Games   All Regions: SM 
  Cherish Ball Lv. 50  
 Nature   Random 
 Ability   Snow Cloak (1) 
 Item   None 
 Bundled Item   None 
  Moves   (ITALIC means Relearnable)
  Blizzard Blizzard   Shadow Ball Shadow Ball
  Hail Hail   Aurora Veil Aurora Veil
  WC ID 1114: 「이브이 프렌즈 선물 이벤트」's receiving text
 0x2B Thank you for coming to the Pokémon event! Please pick up your gift from the deliveryman in any Pokémon Center.
이브이 프렌즈 선물 이벤트
포켓몬 팝업 스토어에 와 주셔서
개성 넘치는 매력을 지닌
이브이의 진화형 포켓몬을 선물합니다!

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