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PKHeX 21.08.06

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About This File

Pokémon core series save editor, programmed in C#.

Supports the following files:

  • Save files ("main", *.sav, *.dsv, *.dat, *.gci)
  • GameCube Memory Card files (.raw, .bin) containing GC Pokémon savegames.
  • Individual Pokémon entity files (.pk*)
  • Mystery Gift files (.pgt, .pcd, .pgf, .wc*) including conversion to .pk*
  • Importing teams from Decrypted 3DS Battle Videos
  • Transferring from one generation to another, converting formats along the way.

Data is displayed in a view which can be edited and saved. The interface can be translated with resource/external text files so that different languages can be supported.

Pokémon Showdown sets and QR codes can be imported/exported to assist in sharing.

Nintendo 3DS savedata containers use an AES MAC that cannot be emulated without the 3DS's keys, thus a resigning service is required (svdt, save_manager, JKSM, or SaveDataFiler).

We do not support or condone cheating at the expense of others. Do not use significantly hacked Pokémon in battle or in trades with those who are unaware hacked Pokémon are in use.


Support Forum <-- Post here if you have questions or found bugs

What's New in Version 21.08.06   See changelog


21/08/06 - New Update:
 - Legality:
 - - Added: Gen8 Sociability legality checks. Thanks @Lusamine!
 - - Added: Gen8 crossover weather checks have been added. Thanks @Lusamine & @Skadiv!
 - - Added: Gen6/8 Memory checks have been improved a little. Thanks @sora10pls & @Lusamine!
 - - Added: Gen6/7 Vivillon are now flagged if the form cannot be found in the trainer's 3DS Console Region. Thanks @Lusamine!
 - - Changed: Wordfilter checking speeds improved drastically by caching created regexes.
 - - Changed: Gen8 Master Rank ribbons now permitted again for legends due to Season 10 rules.
 - - Changed: Inaccessible wild encounters and raid dens have been removed from the encounter database.
 - - Fixed: Gen8 brilliant aura boosts are only permitted if the met level is the maximum allowed for that encounter.
 - - Fixed: Gen8 Fog encounters are now required to be at least level 60 due to weather not being available until postgame. Thanks @Lusamine!
 - - Fixed: Gen4 Pokéwalker encounters are now allowed to be recognized with CuteCharm if the TID/SID is appropriate.
 - - Fixed: Gen4 Bug Catching Contest slots are now loaded completely. Thanks jazpersona!
 - - Fixed: Gen2 Dark Cave swarm slots (Dunsparce) are now loaded correctly. Thanks Purrmewtations!
 - - Fixed: Gen1 Yellow encounters now compare the correct catch rate values when not yet transferred.
 - - Fixed: Gift egg encounters are now checked for their egg locations correctly across all generations. Thanks @sora10pls!
 - - Fixed: Variable form encounter templates like Unown and Vivillon are now handled correctly.
 - Added: Gen8 Sociability for individual Pokémon can now be edited in the Memories sub-editor.
 - Added: Gen7 Battle Agency participant data can now be viewed as a misc slot.
 - Added: Gen5 GTS and Fused stored data can now be viewed as a misc slot.
 - Added: Gen4 Pokéwalker stored data can now be viewed as a misc slot. Thanks @Atrius97!
 - Added: Batch Editor can now be extended via plugins by adding custom code for filters / modifications.
 - Added: Batch Editor filters can now be used in the Encounter Database (similar to the PKM Database advanced search).
 - Added: PKM File Naming format has been extracted, and can now be replaced by a plugin to name files differently.
 - Added: Program settings added for the Encounter Database, to try to make viewed templates match the currently loaded data.
 - Added: Program settings added for the PKM Database, to prevent loading of backups and extra locations to the database.
 - Added: Program settings added to allow converting backwards and across incompatible generations.
 - Fixed: Turkish operating system languages no longer fail to launch the program.
 - Fixed: Hovering over slots no longer errors on Linux platforms.
 - Fixed: Deleting slots in the PKM Database is now handled correctly.
 - Fixed: Gen8 encounter slot templates now load legally when viewed, using the Overworld RNG correlation. Thanks @Atrius97!
 - Fixed: Gen6 female trainer appearance customization for lip color and freckles now save correctly. Thanks @sora10pls!
 - Fixed: Gen6 trainer sprite is now shown for XY again, and the PGL photo can be saved correctly again.
 - Fixed: Gen6 Super Training flags for PKM data is now localized correctly.
 - Fixed: Gen5 C-Gear Skin images now import correctly. Thanks @Snaid1!
 - Fixed: Gen5 Dream World slots now have the correct gender restrictions. Thanks @Lusamine!
 - Fixed: Gen4->5 transfer names with halfwidth characters and symbols are now correct.
 - Fixed: Gen4 HGSS frontier data is now accessed correctly via the Misc Editor.
 - Fixed: Gen4 Pokédex seen flags are now set correctly when writing new data to the save file.
 - Fixed: Gen3 XD - Setting tons of non-XD encounter species will no longer cause an error with the Memo being full.
 - Changed: "Encounter Type" value saved by Gen4 encounters has been renamed to "Ground Tile" to match its actual function.
 - Changed: Most popup windows like the Encounter Database are now closed when a new save file is loaded, rather than remain open.
 - Changed: Gendered species (like Jellicent) now show their genders in the Encounter Database.
 - Changed: Cyber Gadget quirk workaround for completing the Pokédex in Gen6/7 is no longer necessary (defunct service), and has been removed.
 - Changed: Updated Chinese/Spanish/German translations. Thanks @easyworld, @ajtudela, @M1atias, @Korados, @JDox!

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