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Unreleased/Beta PKM Gallery

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This section lists various unreleased/beta Pokemon and Pokemon related files,
gathered from the various generations.

In most cases, the Pokemon here WILL NOT BE LEGAL. Use at your own risk.

77 files

  1. PK2: Unobtainable Trainer House Cal's Pokemon

    In Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal (and later in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver), there is a location called the Trainer House.
    The Trainer House allows you to battle the trainer in it once a day.
    The trainer will normally be the trainer that you last used Mystery Gift with,
    however if you never used that feature before, the trainer you get to battle is Cal.

    Cal's Pokemon are the final stages of the Johto Starters.
    It was discovered in the games programming (gen 2) that there are 2 unused teams,
    which features the 1st and 2nd stages of the Johto Starters, but it is not known how to trigger these battle legitimately.

    This page hold all 3 of the sets mentioned before, from Gen 2.





  2. PKX: Uncatchable Tutorial Pokemon

    Across the generations of Pokemon, there has been many tutorial Pokemon, that players get to see, but be unable to catch.

    This page hosts the assortment of said Pokemon, all detailed below:
    Generation 1 RBY: Old Man's Rattata RBY: Wild Tutorial Weedle Y: Prof Oak's Pikachu (one caught different from one given afterwards) Generation 2 GSC: Wild Tutorial Rattata Generation 3 RS: Wild Encountered Poochyena (Chasing Prof. Birch) E: Wild Encountered Zigzagoon (Chasing Prof. Birch) RSE: Norman's Zigzagoon (Loaned to Wally) RSE: Wild Tutorial Ralts (caught by Wally) FRLG: Various TV Pokemon [Butterfree, Jigglypuff, Oddish, Pidgey, Poliwag, Rattata] Generation 4 DPPT: Wild Encountered Starly DP: Wild Tutorial Bidoof DT: Wild Tutorial Bidoof HGSS: Ethan/Lyra's Marill HGSS: Wild Tutorial Rattata Generation 5 BW: Prof Juniper's Minccino BW: Wild Tutorial Patrat B2W2: Bianca's Lillipup B2W2: Wild Tutorial Purrloin Generation 6 XY: Calem/Serena's Bunnelby XY: Wild Tutorial Fletchling ORAS: Wild Poochyena (Chasing Prof. Birch) ORAS: Norman's Zigzagoon (Loaned to Wally) ORAS: Wild Tutorial Ralts Generation 7 SM: Catching Tutorial Kukui's Rockruff SM: Catching Tutorial Wild Pikipek SM: Z-move Tutorial Kukui's Rockruff SM: Z-move Tutorial Wild Growlithe  
    Many thanks to @jojo12100 and @BlackShark for these!


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  3. PK2: Unobtainable Egg Moves Pokemon

    Programmed into Pokemon Gold & Silver, are 3 Pokemon that have Eggs moves, that are normally inaccessible to them.
    Back in Generation 2, Egg Mechanics dictates that Pokemon can only learn moves from their fathers.
    Below is the breakdown of the Pokemon that have inaccessible egg moves.
    Pokemon Moves Explanation Oddish
      No Pokemon in the Grass Egg Group can legitimately learn Charm,
    hence no legitimate father to pass down the move. Smoochum
      Lovely Kiss
      Only Pokemon in the Human-Like Egg Group that learns Lovely Kiss is Jynx (100% Female Pokemon),
    hence no legitimate father to pass down the move. Staryu

      Aurora Beam
    Supersonic Being Genderless species, it can only breed with Ditto (which normally only knows Transform),
    hence no legitimate father to pass down the moves.

      No Pokemon in the Monster Egg Group can legitimately learn Charm,
    hence no legitimate father to pass down the move. Bulbasaur
      No Pokemon in the Grass or Monster Egg Groups can legitimately learn Charm,
    hence no legitimate father to pass down the move.
    These impossible moves would later be removed from Pokemon Crystal.
    These are all obtained by getting Ditto to learn the move, then to pass it down, all thanks to @jojo12100.




  4. JPK2: Unobtainable Japanese Crystal Debugger's Pokemon

    Discovered in the scripts of Pokemon Crystal's debug menu, 4 Debugger's Pokemon has been found!

    Credits to @Kaphotics and @jojo12100 for these.

    Original Thread:




  5. JPK1: Unobtainable Pocket Monster Stadium Trainer's Pokemon

    Ever wanted to snag trainer's Pokemon in Pocket Monster Stadium? Now you can!

    This page holds every trainer's Pokemon from the Japanese Pocket Monster Stadium game!
    Original Thread and Credits:




  6. PK1: Unused Trade Pokemon

    This page features unused trade Pokemon found in Generation I.

    In Pokemon Red Blue and Green, it was found that there is an unused trade, whereby players can trade their Butterfree for a Beedrill from an NPC.

    Pokemon Yellow added two more unused trades, where players can trade a Mew for a Mew, and a Pidgeot for Pidgeot.

    Thanks to @jojo12100 and @SwagKey for obtaining these Pokemon for us!

    Original Thread:




  7. PK5: Pokestar Studios Prop Creatures (Studiomons)

    In Pokemon Black 2 & White 2, lies the facility Pokestar Studios, which allow players to create "films",
    which is done by having users battles Props (between a pair of legs and Mecha Tyranitar),
    which are not traditional Pokemon.
    Fan term for these Studio Creatures/Props are known as Studiomons.

    At present, the only Pokemon dumped from RAM is are(thanks @jojo12100):
          Majin   F-00   Black Door   White Door
    Bringing any of these "Pokemon" out of the PC will cause it to turn into an unusable bad egg.
    The only way to use it via the Battle Box feature,
    but do note that none of the Studiomons have a back sprite, so it will appear as a black square.

                                           illus: Studiomons appearing as a Black Square

    Presently it appears PKHeX may allow importing into a B2W2 Save (perhaps with limitations),
    but if it doesn't, this programs accepts it's usage too:




  8. PK3: Unreleased Faraway Island Mew (European Languages)

    In Pokemon Emerald, contains a programmed event encounter with the Mythical Pokemon Mew.
    However, the key item that activates the event, Old Sea Map, was never released to players outside of Japan.

    This page hosts the Mew that is caught at Faraway Island.
    As an extra illegal bonus, it's caught with the Safari Ball, that cannot be obtained outside of the Safari Zone.
    It is possible to reach Faraway Island in Non-English and Non-Japanese other European languaged games,
    using an elaborate usage of glitches, as explained by ChickasaurusGL below.

    It is unclear whether the non-Japanese Mew can be sent up via Pokemon Bank.




  9. PK3: Unobtainable Dummy Pokemon

    In Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire, FireRed & LeafGreen, and Emerald, contains various glitch Pokemon,
    that occupies the Gen III programmed index spaces of 252-276 (between Celebi and Treecko).
    All of their physical stats are exactly the same as the Pokemon Deoxys.
    Speculation is, the 25 slots originally contained fully formatted Pokemon, but was dummied out after.

    This Pokemon, ?, has the cry of Unown, and it's only ability is none (-------),
    it normally can only have the attack Tackle, and is incapable of learning any other moves.

    I accidentally came across this Pokemon, when I had too many AR codes active all at the same time,
    and managed to catch it, and have since hacked moves onto it.

    This Pokemon cannot be transferred up to Gen IV using Pal Park.

    (image courtesy of Bulbapedia)
    ? is a stable glitch Pokemon, and can be used normally in battle and normal game play.
    [extracted via A-save, theoretically may work with PKHeX]


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  10. PK5: Pokestar Studios Opponent's & Rental Pokemon

    In Pokemon Black 2 & White 2, lies the facility Pokestar Studios, which allow players to create "films",
    which is done by having users battles Props (between a pair of legs and Mecha Tyranitar),
    which are not traditional Pokemon.
    In this page, hosts the various Opponent's & Rental Pokemon, for the various films.

    All the film series have been uploaded to this page!

    @jojo12100 and @BlackShark
    Original Thread:




  11. PK2: Pokemon Stadium 2 Debugger's Pokemon

    Pokemon Stadium is the first Pokemon game with 3D models capable of battling, and Pokemon Stadium 2 is the sequel to that game.

    Debugger's Pokemon has been found, and this page holds those Pokemon.

    @jojo12100 and @BlackShark
    Original Thread:




  12. PK1: Debugger's Pokemon

    When running through the assembly of the game, it was discovered that there are subroutines that will give you a set part of Pokemon.

    It is most likely that these Pokemon the game fills your party with, are Pokemon the debuggers used to run through the game,
    to test whether the game is working as intended.

    Thanks to @jojo12100 and @BlackShark's help with the codes, to obtain these Pokemon!

    Original Thread:


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  13. WC5: Shelmet/Karrablast Distro - Hidden Debug Wonder cards

    Hidden within the Summer 2011 Shelmet & Karrablast Distribution Cart data, lies 2 hidden debug wonder cards:
    one for Bulbasaur, and one for a Shiny Litwick.

    [We will not host the Distribution Roms, and it's against the rules to ask us for it!]

    Information for Bulbasaur:

    Information for Litwick:

    Thanks to @Deoxyz and @Purin for bringing this to our attention!

    [We will not host the Distribution Roms, and it's against the rules to ask us for it!]
    Original Posts:




  14. WC4: Unreleased Winter Celebi (GameStop)

    Winter Celebi (GameStop)
    This Celebi was included on the same distribution cartridge as the three GameStop Johto Beasts,
    but was replaced with a new one containing the Celebi with the WIN2011 OT before the event began.

    While never officially released, some customers and employees were able to receive this Celebi through changing the clock on the DS with the distribution cart.
    In HeartGold and SoulSilver, this Celebi can activate an event at Ilex Shrine involving time travel and a battle with the Team Rocket Boss, Giovanni.
    When it is sent to Black or White versions via the Relocator, it can be used to meet a Zorua in Castelia City.
    Wondercard ID 062 PID Random Games DPP HGSS Type Local Wireless Dates (Unreleased) Nickname CELEBI Gender Genderless Level 50 Nature Random Ability Natural Cure OT GAMESTP SID 10415 Location Pokémon Event Ribbon Classic Ribbon Ball Cherish Ball Held Item Moves Leaf Storm Recover Nasty Plot Healing Wish




  15. WC4: Debug Wailord Test Wonder Card

    Beneath the depths of a European Movie 11 Shaymin distribution cart, exists a debugging Wailord Test Wonder Card.
    It's not known what's the purpose of this test card (or having so many test cards, for that matter),
    but it's been identified that it has the same distribution text as this test Azure Flute card discovered earlier.
    This Wailord is holding a Master Ball, and it's OT is テストポケ, which is translated to Test Poke.

    Thanks to @BlackShark and @Purin for bring this to our attention!

    [We will not host the Distribution Roms, and it's against the rules to ask us for it!]

    Original Posts:





  16. PK5: Unobtainable Ghetsis's Kyurem

    Pokemon Black & White introduced a pair of main title games,
    where the player could not catch the box mascot Legendary until past the first Elite Four challenge,
    and Pokemon Black 2 & White 2 took that idea to a whole new level.

    Featured on the boxes of Pokemon Black 2 & White 2, is the same Pokemon, but in 2 different formes: Black Kyurem and White Kyurem.
    Their introduction may not have been the first canonical Pokemon fusion (slowpokeXshellder anyone?),
    but it certainly was the first for Legendary Pokemon, and they were uncatchable in that state. (normally)

    The antagonist that continued to plague Unova, Ghetsis, stole the DNA Splicers,
    tricked his foster son N to appear with the legendary Pokemon of Unova,
    AND managed to steal N's Pokemon ZekromB2/ReshiramW2 and got Kyurem to fuse together with it.
    (the cutscene looked like a dog toying with it's prey, but I digress)

    This page hosts the Black Kyurem and White Kyurem, stolen from Ghetsis (karma, lol), by @jojo12100
    If you didn't have a Fused Kyurem, these cannot be un-fused;
    The separation depends on the the state of the DNA Splicers - which there's 2, hence why it can have different description.
    Also depends if there is anything in the Kyurem Fused Slot in your save. (that's how they retain the Zekrom/Reshiram used for fusion)
    As per any Black Kyurem/White Kyurem, it cannot be traded, and cannot be transferred to later generations, when it is in the fused state.
    Original Posts:




  17. PK2: Bug-Catching Contest Unused Slot: Venomoth

    In Pokemon Gold, Silver & Crystal, players are able to participate in a Bug-Catching Contest for free, limited to one entry per day, held every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.
    In those games, the encounter slots contains an unused entry for Venomoth.

    This Venomoth was encountered, by switching around the encounter slots, done by @jojo12100
    Original Thread:




  18. PKX: Uncatchable Ghost Marowak

    In Pokemon Red, Green, Blue & Yellow, and Pokemon FireRed & LeafGreen,
    player's encounter a literal Ghost, the undead spirit of a Marowak, that was killed by Team Rocket as it tries to protect it's young Cubone,
    and serves as an obstacle, stopping you from reaching Mr. Fuji at the top of the Lavender Tower, if you did not have the Silph Scope to unmask it's identity.
    (yet oddly allowed Team Rocket Grunts to climb up there to stop you and hold Mr. Fuji hostage)

    These 2 entries were collected by @jojo12100
    Original Thread:




  19. PK4: Unreleased Flower Paradise Shaymin (DP)

    Programmed into Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum Versions, are event locations called Seabreak Path and Flower Paradise.
    After using the event item Oak's Letter, Route 224 gains an extension (Seabreak Path) which will lead the player to Flower Paradise.
    There, players will be able to challenge (and potentially capture) a level 30 wild Shaymin.
    However, Oak's Letter was never released for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.
    (Pokemon Platinum Version was lucky enough to get the event)
    Shaymin encountered in Pokemon Diamond & Pearl will not be considered a fateful encounter,
    and will not trigger the Gracidea gift in future games.
    The Gracidea itself, can be used on any Shaymin, including ones caught in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Versions.

    This page contains the Shaymin that would have been encountered there, achieved by some form of cheating:
    [KOR] Korean Shaymin, credits @theSLAYER




  20. PK4: Unobtainable Head Smash Nosepass

    Programmed into Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver, Nosepass has the egg move Head Smash.
    Problem is, in Generation 4, no Pokemon in the Mineral Egg Group was able to learn Head Smash,
    so by extension, no one was able to pass along the move to Nosepass.

    When Generation 5 came along, the move was removed from Nosepass's inheritable move list.
    Despite having Aegislash being able to pass down the move in Generation 6,
    this move has yet to make it back into Nosepass's inheritable move list.
    This page hosts a Nosepass having the move Head Smash, obtained via Rage/Mimic Glitch,
    by getting Ditto to learn the move then passing it down, thanks to @jojo12100.




  21. PK3: Unreleased METEOR Jirachi (ENG)

    After disassembling the code of a multiboot gba rom discovered in Pokemon Colosseum Bonus Disc (US),
    @Bond697 found that it distributes an unreleased METEOR Jirachi,
    that seems to be the translation/mirrored version of the ネガイボシ (Wishing Star) Jirachi.
    Original Thread describing the find from years ago:




  22. WC4: Debug Azure Flute + Infernape Test Card

    The Key Item Azure Flute, which would allow a holy encounter with Arceus, was never legitimately released to players.
    However, found within a file (decchi.bin), that was found in Generation 4 distribution carts for Deoxys, (Uploader's note: file-ception at it's finest)
    It appears that an Azure Flute distribution was being tested via slot-2 distribution.

    The nature of this slot-2 distribution that this wonder card was obtained from,
    only allowed distribution to JPN games.

    The distribution text seems to be reusing the distribution text for a Generation 3 Old Sea Chart distribution.
    It was also discovered by @Deoxyz that changing the distribution type from Key Item to Pokemon,
    will show complete information for an Infernape to be received.

    The Key Item Azure Flute wonder card (.pcd), Modified to show Infernape (.pcd) and the Infernape (.pkm) are up for download.
    [We will not host the decchi.bin or Distribution Roms for the Deoxys]
    Wonder card Images

    Rough Translation:
    Mystery Gift Test
    Do accept this gift from Friendly Shop (?)
    Let's bring the Old Sea Chart to the Faraway Island! (Ikuzou!)
    Let's go to the wild Mew!

    While this wonder card will activate the event, the Arceus right now can be considered illegal and legal.

    Do note it's possible to obtain a Hall of Fame Arceus via Tweaking, and it'll pass Pokemon Bank when it's Level 100,
    but that can be easily changed, if they decide to block it.

    Use at your own risk.
    Images regarding Infernape:

    Original Threads:




  23. PK3: Debug Pokemon Ruby Version - Debug Pokemon

    Out there in the wild, exists a German Language Debugger's/Developer's Edition of Pokemon Ruby Version,
    which contains many debugging tools, including Mystery Event distribution subroutines.
    Using existing unmodified subroutines, a Tournament Unown can be transferred.

    Working on the data discovered by The Cutting Room Floor and GlitchCity Forums, and with @BlackShark's help,
    the remaining Pokemon could be transferred by doing modifications in order to activate the other subroutines,
    that contains the other hidden debugging Pokemon.

    Pokemon in this archive:
    Tournament Unown(s) Luvdisc Kyogre Egg & Hatched Kyogre Shroomish Egg & Hatched Shroomish Barboach Egg & Hatched Barboach 1/65535 chance Pikachu Egg
    The contributors for these are:
    @Deoxyz, @theSLAYER, @BlackShark, @HaxAras and @jojo12100

    [We will not distribute the Debug Ruby Rom, and it is against our rules to ask for it]
    Original Thread:




  24. PK4: Diamond/Pearl Kiosk Demo Partner Pokemon

    A Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Demo exists, where it allowed players to bring their Nintendo DS to Kiosks,
    to temporarily download the game via Download Play, and have a trail run.
    Players randomly start as either the male or female playable characters and Diamond Version or Pearl Version.

    It is normally not possible to save in the demo, but if one manages to hack force their way to a place that forces saving, it'll cause an error.

    Thanks to @BlackShark's help, these Pokemon were located and extracted from the RAM.

    Original Thread:




  25. PK3: Battle Frontier Uncatchable Pokemon

    Pokemon Emerald introduced an array of post-game battle facilities, which is hosted on the island called Battle Frontier.
    Besides roping in the existing Battle Tower from Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire, the newer facilities hosts various challenges and rules,
    unique to their own facility and differentiates them from the traditional Battle Tower (and each other).

    In 2 of the facilities, namely Battle Pike and Battle Pyramid, it is possible to encounter wild Pokemon, and none of these can be captured.
    (and to totally break you, these Pokemon can be shiny. *sad* )

    @jojo12100 grabbed all these Pokemon straight from the RAM, and used @BlackShark's tool to decrypt said Pokemon.

    Below illustrates a comprehensive list of what Pokemon are available, and another complete list of Pokemon can also be found here
    Battle Pyramid Obtainable Pokemon 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Paralysing Pokemon Plusle Minum Pikachu Electabuzz Villeplume Electsprint Breloom Jolteon Poisonning Pokemon Gulpin Roselia Butterfree Seviper Skarmory Ludicolo Crobat Gengar Burning Pokemon Growlithe Vulpix Magcargo Ninetales Medicham Weezing Dusclops Houndoom PP waster Pokemon Dunsparce Banette Misdreavus Ninetales Absol Gengar Dusclops Shedinja Levitate Pokemon Haunter Chimecho Solrock Misdreavus Claydol Weezing Flygon Gengar Trapping Pokemon Diglett1 Trapinch1 Wynaut1 Diglett2 Trapinch2 Wynaut2 Wobbuffet Dugtrio Ice Pokemon Glalie Sneasel Dewgong Piloswine Jynx Cloyster Lapras Walrein Destructing Pokemon Weezing Electrode Gengar Golem Pineco Solrock Forretress Shiftry Psychic Pokemon Wobbuffet Metang Exeguttor Slowking Xatu Alakazam Starmie Espeon Rock Pokemon Golem Steelix Omastar Luantone Shuckle Armaldo Cradily Aerodactyl Fighting Pokemon Poliwrath Hariyama Breloom Medicham Hitmoncham Hitmonlee Heracross Machamp Weather Pokemon Quagsire Tropius Pupitar Lapras Cacturne Flareon Walrein Gyarados Bug Pokemon Pineco Shuckle Venomoth Scizor Heracross Forretress Armaldo Shedinja Dark Pokemon Sableye Sneasel Crawdaunt Shiftry Cacturne Absol Houndoom Umbreon Water Pokemon Octillery Dewgong Pelipper Quagsire Ludicolo Slowking Starmie Blastoise Ghost Pokemon Duskull Haunter Banette Misdreavus Sableye Dusclops Shedinja Gengar Steel Pokemon Mawile Magneton Steelix Scizor Forretress Skarmory Aggron Metagross Dragon Pokemon Dragonair Vibrava Altaria Flygon Aerodactyl Gyarados Kingdra Charizard Evolution Stone Pokemon Arcanine Poliwrath Raichu Vaporeon Jolteon Flareon Ninetales Starmie Normal Pokemon Kangaskhan Swellow Ursaring Porygon2 Tauros Fearow Snorlax Slaking  
    Battle Pike Rom 1-280 Dusclops Milotic Seviper Rom 281-560              Electrode Milotic Seviper Rom 561-840 Breloom Milotic Seviper Rom 841+ Wobbuffet Milotic Seviper Those that are highlighted are ones that are already obtained.
    Original Thread:




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