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PK4: Unreleased Newmoon Island Darkrai (DP)

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Programmed into Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum Versions, is the event location Newmoon Island.

After using the event item Member Card, players gain access to the defunct Harbor Inn in Canalave City,
falls asleep enters a "dream state", dreaming of an encounter with Darkrai at Newmoon Island.
Darkrai can be captured in the "dream". If defeated or fled from, it can be rebattled again in the actual location.

Member Card, was never released for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.
(Pokemon Platinum Version was lucky enough to get the event)

The Darkrai encountered in Pokemon Diamond & Pearl will not be considered a fateful encounter.
(only Shaymin in Platinum gets the Fateful Encounter flag)

This page contains the Darkrai that would have been encountered there, achieved by some form of cheating:

  1. [KOR] Korean Darkrai, credits @theSLAYER

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I'll soon make a contribution thread for acquisition of any other-language Darkrais caught through this event... It'll help with acquisition of the others (We have ENG, JPN, & possibly other languages to collect next).

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