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PK7: USUM - Totems and other unobtainable Pokemon 1.0.0

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About This File

Throughout Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon, there have been many encounters with Pokemon that cannot be captured,
due to various reasons set up by the developers by various story elements.

As these Pokemon are uncatchables, they were obtained by extraction from RAM dumps.

*Warning, contains possible plot spoiler. If you've yet to complete the game, leave this page*

This page features the following Pokemon Sets:
Note: Trials also contain relevant uncatchables wild, SOS and trainers.

  1. Illima's Trial: VS Totem GumshoosUS
  2. Illima's Trial: VS Totem RaticateUM
  3. Lana's Trial: VS Totem Araquanid
  4. Kiawe's Trial: VS Totem Marowak
  5. Mallow's Trial: VS Totem Lurantis
  6. Sophocles's Trial: VS Totem Togedemaru
  7. Acerola's Trial: VS Totem Mimikyu
  8. Mina's Trial: VS Totem Ribombee
  9. 1st Trial Rematch: VS Totem GumshoosUS
  10. 1st Trial Rematch: VS Totem RaticateUM
  11. Aether Paradise Nihilego
  12. Dawn Wings and Ultra Necrozma
  13. Poke Pelago Pokemon (the ones available when at Melemele, but no access to em)
  14. Team Rainbow Rocket (the Legends)
  15. Forced Encounters (YungoosUS / RattataUM and Spearow during Nebby)
  16. Mega Pack (contains all of the above)

In case it isn't obvious,

Huge huge thanks to @Ruby Genseki for taking the time and effort for practically all these files!
Also to @jojo12100!


The origin of the collection starts from this thread:

What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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