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Join the Project Pokemon Site Fun Club! We will share our newest catches, latest news, and help each other in hacking and everything else!
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  2. :D. Yes,thank you for your concerns. Also, REVIVE THE DAMN ROUTE!!!!!!!!! :D. :D. :D. :D. ITS A 10 OUT OF uhmm..... welll... nevermind. ITS A 10!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey, could you show me how to actually change a pic to the .bmp file? I've tried looking but It only shows just how to import it which is easy-peasy with daat 'Gen. (Pokegen. Neat skin! Do you still have the files from that vid.?)
  3. Wow Storm Harvey, it's a bad storm. Glad to hear you're okay! This is the thread I was referring to! (the video is there) https://projectpokemon.org/forums/forums/topic/27209-pokemon-white-2-route-10-re-introduced/
  4. @theSLAYER Oh,ok. What's the name of your channel? Also, hi. I'm finally back from the depths of Tropical Storm Harvey. How are you doing?
  5. Not revive her. there was a time I tried to revive route 10 into B2W2. she was the on my cgear in that video
  6. Ohhhhh.... Riiiiighttttttttttt....... Wait,what? Revive her? How? By which means? @theSLAYER Night night! Good day/night for you!
  7. (If I'm not mistaken, Rosa is the name of the female playable character in white 2) I've got it on some videos. (I think it's the one I try to revive the route (10?) in B2W2)
  8. I'm sorry that you did not sleep well. I am not aware with who is Rosa. I will make the C-gear skin for you,though. :). If you see me more serious it's because... well.. certain things have happened is all.
  9. It was a great cold night! it'll probably be nice to see it, but it's unlikely I'm gonna use it >< I already have a c gear skin, and it's of Rosa
  10. @theSLAYER :D. Yay.. I hope you slept well. :). Did ya dream of Pokemon saves and events? I forgot what I dreamt or I would have put it on here. *sigh* Anyways, Want a Karpy Fish C-Gear Skin for ya?
  11. No no I found it funny, not offended! you have a great day too!
  12. @theSLAYER Was it necessary? I'm kidding! xD. This gave me quite a good laugh,too. I saw it and I was like," :O. This is so theSlayer material.I'm gonna post it." Heh. xD. Anyway, I'm happy that you took it in a good way; it was meant to be funny and not offensive. Thank you for having some sense of humor. OH,CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DON'T KNOW IF IT WAS INSPIRRRIIINNGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD.; I'm kidding. Have an amazing day, my Karpy Friend.
  13. @theSLAYER That happens to me ALLL the time. Even though I don't have an alarm clock, I still needed like 5 sec. to make it through the day. so hard these days... Am I right?

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