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  2. Itokichi also has clearer shots: Comes at Lv 15, Classic Ribbon. V Create, Reversal, Assist Power, Celebrate. It appears to be using the generic Pokemon Center Receiving Text (0x08) We'll see more of it, once we get the WC7FULL
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  4. Hey @theSLAYER can you upload too the other discoveries we made? I mean 'XD beta starters and beta geodude, Crystal debuggers Pokemon, Stadium 1 trainers Pokemon based on Japanese championship, the 3 other Studiomons I uploaded and the 2 other Bingo Pokemon I uploaded too. Thanks in advance I hope it'll help our visibility.
  5. First details are coming Source: @PokeFans_Taiwan And V-Create confirmed
  6. Nice award btw. Naruto reference I assume?

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  7. Let's give it a few months or so XD Well then again, my PGL account may be Japanese, but it follows game cart language, so my game cart made the news appear English. (maybe that's why I can see the links there, as per the screenshot in the download page) It does seem weird that they decided to not included the links for both those languages
  8. Well that's actually not a bad idea! But I'll keep Gastly for a while now. I have found the announcements in the web archives (Japan, Korea) (they really have a bad habbit there.....) but there are no traces of QR codes, not even on their websites. All the other regions got the links to these two teams. Since those codes are not locked to any region anyone could use them regardless. But still it seems weird if there's something that Japan didn't get.
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    For the "Get BP at the Battle Tree" Global Mission, 2 sets of QR Rental Team PGL Pokemon were uploaded online, for players who opt wants to use a different team to challenge the Battle Tree. As per any other QR Rental Team, the team normally cannot be saved as part of the player's Pokemon. Credits and Original Thread:
  10. How awesome! What happens when you're bored with the Gastly line? Use a monochrome image of Garchomp? XD The color matching only seems to be the case for the Singles Team though. The balls in Doubles Team seems like it was a bored person trying to catch Pokemon in a normal playthrough. I'm not entirely sure if this is accurate. While I think the link to the teams aren't on Japanese and Korean PGL, I can access the link you shared, via my Japanese PGL. (Also, I can see the link on the news page right now) /----edit----/ Uploaded:
  11. Yeah, I got bored by the old image but didn't have a Mega Stone around. If you can't go up you have to go down. I think it's cool that they cared about matching colors though. I had rather expected them to be in normal Poke Balls. By the way an interesting fact is that the Japanese and Korean people didn't get any rental team QR codes for that Global Mission. I wonder why not.
  12. I am playing around with my pokemon silver's rom (US). I am using G2Map to open the map, and frhed as my hex editor. I will reference this probably a lot: I have read a bit on how event scripting works, but am still trying to wrap my head around all of it. I am looking at the goldenrod map, and have been toying with the warp script, but I am unsure of what is happening. G2Map says the warp script is at 0x122482. and Currently G2Map says the Target Point is 1, Target Bank is D, and Target Map is B. When I decompile it with a script editor I get this: #org 0x122482 '----------------------------------- writebyte 0x10E 0xd if > 0x5 0x121 ' 0xFFFFFFFF if > 0xA 0xF07 ' 0xFFFFFFFF 3call 0x1B0B0B ' 0xFFFFFFFF checkver 3call 0x150C0B ' 0xFFFFFFFF 3callasm 0x130B01 special 0x105 2jump 0x111 ' 0xFFFFFFFF I believe this is the complete bit of data for the script: 1B 0E 01 0D Writes 0x0D to RAM address 0x010E. 0B 05 21 01 0B 0A IF RAM Address 0x0121 > 05 then run 0x0A0B? more to come Does writing to RAM address 0x010E, change the map bank? Also why is the script decompiler not giving a pointer to the script that would run if memory address 0x0121 is greater than 0x0A0B?
  13. Hey there! I have a question, if I inject the file in my save, is normal that the Pokémon appear in English and not in Japanese?
  14. If you download Xcode from the Mac Appstore, you will be given the option to install Command Line Tools for Xcode. You need those to do some things in Terminal. After that, you can follow the instructions from (Homebrew). Which will then allow you to run "brew" commands in Terminal.
  15. Unfortunately, I do not know how to do "brew" commands.. I don't have experience using terminal. My Winetricks window is blank as you can see below, so I do not even have the option to install Winetricks. I tried running Terminal and typing "brew install Winetricks" right after it opens up but I received this message "-bash: brew: command not found" I would definitely like to try and install .NET 4.6 Framework like you mentioned and see if that fixes the problem. Thanks for your help thus far I appreciate you looking out!
  16. If the Mega Stone was released recently, it's already been updated in the code (see recent updates on GitHub). For Attacks, some elaboration or further details would be nice.
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  18. This is a mistake by PKHeX Some Mega Stones and Attacks mark Pokémon as illegal, because Mega Stones are unreleased and Attacks are invalid. But that's not right
  19. Oh I didn't have the latest version! That solves it, now I can drag them in Thank you very much!
  20. BlackShark, you devolved!? That is true, the red on the great ball would match too? Maybe the player hates red? lol
  21. Let's continue the conversation here. What version PKHeX you using? Dragged one wc7full into version 20170530 at a time, and it works fine.
  22. Sorry I'm not really experienced with all this Yes I found the wondercards for them but when I drag them into pkhex on the mystery gift section I get "File is not a mystery gift"
  23. That's confusing. If you downloaded the files (archive), the wonder card for Cap Pikachu is definitely there. They're in JP/JPN folders. Yes. Well, non JP 3DS can have the Pikachu, but you can't legally have the Pikashunium Z, probably until the 20th Movie makes it to localization.
  24. While the Winetricks menu is listed, (lf you haven't yet, you must click it and install essential components. See screenshot of Winetricks menu). I believe no$gba requires at least .NET 3.5 Framework. Personally I have .NET 4.6 installed. If you can do "brew" commands in terminal, you could alternatively download Winetricks in Terminal using command: "brew install Winetricks" I believe that command will place (not install) all available Winetricks on your system, then it is up to you to install any that you need for programs. According to the terms of the emulator, I can redistribute it. So I could make a no$ for you. The app will not require Wine to run in the background of your system, it will be bundled into the app. I am suggesting this option because I am not experiencing any of the issues you listed. Wine in general is hit or miss, and is never a guarantee. Though, the odds are in your favor the more you experiment with it.
  25. Great Ball would have been a better choice for Salamence, I think.
  26. Maybe the thought of a Blue Colored Dragon in a Blue Color Ball, made sense? I too, match my Pokemon captures with the desired ball, based on either theme or color. Lunala -> Moon Ball (theme: moon, lol) Tapu Koko -> Fast Ball (theme and color) Pikachu -> Fast Ball (theme: pokeball with lightning bolt on it) Necrozma -> Beast Ball (theme: Looks like an ultra beast) Tapu Lele -> Love Ball (theme: I love it; color: pink) I probably said enough XD
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