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  1. Do the other purified mons also get their special moves marked as invalid?
  2. I see that in the Misc tab for DPPt, there's an option to give yourself all Seals, legal and illegal. But is there a way to edit them manually/individually?
  3. That "main" was your save file, you shouldn't delete that. Also some saves only update after you've closed the game/emulator.
  4. So it'd be absolutely necessary to get the mons into another save file then? I don't really have the means to do that in any way, so if that's the only way then I'm ready to strike the recreations off
  5. Long story short, I got a GC Memory Card with an old XD save file, and wanted to see if it was possible to recreate some old mons within it since I don't have a hacked wii or anything that'd let me just extract the save file. The only info available are Stats, Nature and Trainer ID, I tried to use an IV calculator and Pokefinder's IV to PID but the XD results I got would give me an SID to make the mons shiny and thus, marked as wrong. Is there another tool or something that I could use to get better results, or is this just pretty much a waste of time? Also one of the mons I chose to try is a purified Lugia since it's still level 50, albeit nearing 51 so probably has some EVs here and there.
  6. You're trying to load a save State, not a save File and that's what's giving you the error. Try saving in-game then loading that into PkHex.
  7. That's quite odd, I recall using an Emerald Deoxys in Colosseum without any issue, both in VS mode and in story mode. Anyways, here are 3 shiny deoxys I got, one in each game. 386 ★ - ATTACK - E6D0AE08696A.pk3 386 ★ - DEFENSE - 2E6ED5859E30.pk3 386 ★ - SPEED - 0E184CA0781C.pk3
  8. What does your save file look like after you save it with pkhex?
  9. Adding a bit to what they said, the IV to PID from Pokéfinder doesn't show your specific SID in any of the possible Channel PIDs. Any chance you have any other mon alongside the Jirachi to see if the current SID is the original?
  10. Quick question, is it possible to see how many steps I've taken in total, and how many eggs hatched using PkHex? Or what tool would I need to check those values? I know the pedometer exists but I've reset it multiple times so can't rely on that, and I've gotten some traded eggs so don't know if that counts towards that or if the eggs need to be generated/hatched on the same file.
  11. I loaded it in my Black file and it did show up as Male. Changed it a bit to make it legal so maybe try this one at least. Legal025 - Goro - 0161D57646BC.pk5
  12. You could change the date when they're being transferred to bank, though remember that the 3DS and Bank didn't exist in 2004/2006 so that met date wouldn't be realistic.
  13. 1. What level is the Beldum? Metagross needs at least level 45 so if Beldum is at a lower level you can't just change it to Metagross like that. 2. Depending on the game, or the origin of the mon, you can't just freely change IVs, Nature and/or Abilities.
  14. Should be possible yeah. If you use Vitamins in Gen 3-7, you can give up to 100 EVs on every stat, so that leaves you with 500 total and then you could quickly farm a couple of encounters to get the last 10. Gen 5 introduced feathers/wings which do not have any limit but only give 1 EV, so you could do Vitamins until 100 EVs in general, then use 10 feathers on your mon to get them to 510. Or if you're crazy enough you could use 100+ feathers/wings if you want to max out one or two stats.
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