33c3 Conference

    By evandixon,


    Until now, anyone with an 11.2 3DS would either need to get a hard mod or find an already-hacked 3DS in order to reliably manage save files for use with PKHeX or play ROM hacks.  These requirements are no longer applicable thanks to the 33c3 conference revealing several 3DS exploits today.  Here are some highlights of its findings as it relates to the 3DS:

    • Soundhax - Excellent, convenient, and free userland primary that hacks the built in sound application with just an MP3 on the sd card. Will be released soon according to nedwill.
    • Fasthax - New arm11 kernel expoit (like memchunkhax, waithax, etc.) also by nedwill. Works on latest firm and should be released soon just like Soundhax. Should allow nfirm downgrading on latest firm when more advanced dsiware injection techniques are released very soon.
    • Method to dump arm9 bootrom detailed by derrek. Hash given as proof. The same technique has been worked on for months already by #Cakey devs, so this will likely take quite a bit more time for a public dump to show up. One benefit of bootrom dumping is faster PC based crypto stuff instead of slow 3ds methods. The second benefit is the next exploit:
    • Sighax - The big one. Flaw discovered in the bootrom's RSA parsing process of the 3ds's firmware partition. This will allow us to sign our own custom firm and no more having to do risky downgrades and 100 step guides to get the OTP. Unfortunately, we need a bootrom dump to implement this and that is an issue, see above bullet point for why. You will also still need a way to actually write to system NAND, and even k11 hax usually isn't enough for that. Hardmod is also an option, but it's expensive and inconvenient. That should always be an option, at least, given sighax itself is unpatchable without hardware revision.

    If you read either of our save management guides (NDS or 3DS) and needed to purchase additional hardware, you are advised to wait until these exploits are released before actually buying anything.  While your purchase would likely still do what you want it to do, free alternatives are coming soon.

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    The Pokémon Event Gallery and more!

    By evandixon,

    Merry Christmas everyone!  Just in time for the holidays, we have some fun announcements.

    The Event Gallery

    Ever since we came back online almost 3 weeks ago, @theSLAYER and I have been working on moving our Event Gallery to its new home, and we've finally finished.  All the events that were previously in the Event Gallery are now available to the public again, as well as many events from Generations 6 and 7.  This is a community project, so if you have any events we don't, please contribute them in the appropriate thread in the Event Contributions forum.

    New Forums

    We have new Tutorials and FAQs forums for ROM Editing, Save Editing, and RAM Editing.  These forums are the perfect place to post or find guides and other information to help others.  To start off, we've posted some guides in the Save Editing Tutorials & FAQs forum explaining how to insert many of the files from our Event Gallery into your game.

    Staff Change

    Our last announcement is that @ReignOfComputer has been promoted to Super Moderator.

    I hope everyone enjoys the holidays, and again, Merry Christmas.

    PKHeX Update 16.12.21

    By evandixon,


    PKHeX has been updated to version 16.12.21, introducing various improvements and bug fixes.


     - Legality: Fine tuned problematic cases (Island Scan, SOS slots, Ash Greninja, result descriptions).
     - Added: Battle Box slot indication and edit prevention for Generation 7 save files.
     - Added: Party Drag&Drop
     - Added: Zygarde Core stored count; also improved subform "Collect All" button method.
     - Added: Pokédex forme editing (Gen7).
     - Added: Advanced randomization for Batch Editor. Syntax: $x,y to have a random value within [x,y].
     - Added: Property value type indication for Batch Editor. Hints the program's expectation for a value (string, number).
     - Added: PKM Report now can be exported to markdown format (Reddit/GitHub) with column headers.
     - Added: Unofficial VC savefile size for Gen 2 (GSC) games.
     - Changed: Battle Revolution filename now contains the save counter to differentiate save files.
     - Changed: Illegal XP/level handling improved to not reset to legal/irregular values.
     - Changed: Gen 2 shiny randomization now gives random attack IVs.
     - Changed: Gen 2 filenames now save with shiny & forme indication text.
     - Fixed: ShowdownSet importing Type: Null with an item now imports correctly.
     - Fixed: Setting a traded egg now behaves properly (Gen6/7).
     - Fixed: Bulk importing now transfers pkm files correctly.
     - Fixed: Species that have formes with different gender ratios (ie Pikachu cap) now use the correct ratio.
     - Fixed: GameSync ID now displays correctly (Gen7).
     - Fixed: Trainer Editor TSV text repitition in tooltip.
     - Fixed: GiveAll no longer appears in the Inventory Editor for Gen 3 games.
     - Fixed: Setting a Pokemon from another trainer without a Handling Trainer value will have friendship updated accordingly.
     - Fixed: Handling Trainer gender now is set correctly. If you notice the Illegal indication -> Legal when checked... :)


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