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Project Pokémon does not support cheating

Posted at 2016-10-14 14:09:29 GMT by evandixon
Project Pokémon does not support cheating.  This is not a new rule, but we've released a new announcement that should better clarify what exactly counts as "cheating".  It can be found here.

To summarize it, do not battle or trade using hacked Pokémon with opponents who are not aware hacked Pokémon are in use.  Please help us keep everyone's online experience as clean as possible by using hacks responsibly.

PKHeX Update 9/18/16

Posted at 2016-09-18 18:38:23 GMT by evandixon

What's New?
- Added: Gen I, II, Save Editing; Box Viewer, Mystery Gift Database
- Improvements & Fixes: Oodles.

- Added: Gen 1 & 2 support. Thanks SciresM, and all those who tested!
- Added: Gen 1<->2 conversion. Thanks SciresM!
- Added: Super Secret Training Completed flag. Thanks SciresM!
- Added: Program will now check for updates when the program starts. If an update is available, a URL label will appear.
- Added: Mystery Gift event database browser. Currently only views wc6, can be loaded to tabs! Hotkey is CTRL-G.
- Added: Gen 4 & 5 Pokedex form flags will be set when the Pokémon is set to the save file.
- Added: Hall of Fame time in Trainer editor. Thanks ricksee!
- Added: Gen 1/2/3 Met Location and Item strings for Spanish and Chinese games. Thanks ajtudela & easyworld!
- Added: Spiky Eared Pichu sprite.
- Added: MetDate/EggMetDate property setting in the Batch Editor (refer to FAQ, yyyyMMdd format). Thanks AvantGourd!
- Added: Box Viewer popup for easier box management. Doubleclick the "Box" tab. To open more than one, hold Shift while double clicking.

- Fixed: Non-box drag&drop slots will set the cursor to the slot's sprite while dragging, just like Box Slots.
- Fixed: O-Power editing saving will now save back to the save file.
- Fixed: Improved save detection for gen4/5 games, including saves that were just (re)started.
- Fixed: Gen4 ribbon editor give-all no longer throws an exception.
- Fixed: Changed event constants from signed to unsigned. Thanks evandixon!
- Fixed: Changing Unown's form as a pk3 will now update the PID. Thanks NinFanBoyFTW!
- Fixed: EncounterType dropdown now appears at the correct time. Thanks JSS!
- Fixed: HM07/HM08 inventory editing for gen4/5. Thanks msbhvn & Liger0!
- Fixed: Setting gen4 HGSS balls corrected. Thanks theSLAYER!
- Fixed: Gen3 inventory editor give-all disabled, as Bag is too small to give all items for a given pouch. Thanks Liger0!
- Fixed: Gen1/2/3 sub-editors erasing changes made to box Pokémon. Thanks SciresM, MichiS97!
- Fixed: Tangled Feet Rayquaza in Gen3. Thanks Delta Blast Burn!

- Legality: Level 20 Gallade is now recognized as legal. Thanks Rohul1997!
- Legality: Gen4 starters disallowed from having Gen3/4 balls. Thanks /u/Subject21_J
- Legality: Added Super Training legality checks. Thanks sora10pls!

- Changed: Inventory Editing now uses prettier sprites for each tab.
- Changed: Showdown Set parsing updated to account for user error when manually typing a set instead of exporting from Showdown as intended.
- Changed: Backed up save file names are now easier on the eye. Gen 1-5 saves will use played time, Gen 6 use the last saved datetime.
- Changed: First 3 tabs of PKM editor (left side) redesigned to fit and collapse controls for all the different games that are supported.
- Changed: Tabs with no controls visible will be hidden. Example: Hiding Box Tab with ORAS Demo save loaded.
- Changed: Met locations are now top-sorted with the locations available to the Origin Game.

This latest update makes PKHeX work with all save files from generations 1 through 6.

Download it here!

Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire Demo Decrypted

Posted at 2014-10-16 00:59:28 GMT by Bond697
The recently released demo of the upcoming Pokemon title has been decrypted and is in the process of being data mined. You can view some of the more interesting details here on SciresM's Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/eKAmvkQn. Hop on the ProjectPokemon IRC channel at #projectpokemon on irc.bitsjointirc.net to join in the fun! And as always, keep watching this spot for new info!

Relevant Twitters:

Pokemon X/Y ROMs Decrypted

Posted at 2014-05-12 07:49:32 GMT by Bond697
Slashmolder and Bond697 have hit another milestone in their work on the 3DS: ROM decryption. They have managed to decrypt Pokemon X and Y and have dumped their ExeFS and RomFS. The ExeFS is the executable filesystem(the main game engine/binary in the ROM) and the RomFS is the ROM filesystem(the data and CRO portion of the ROM). This will greatly speed up and simplify data mining efforts and also provides access to the rest of the game's code via the CRO files in the ROM filesystem. CROs are the 3DS equivalent of Windows DLLS.

Keep watching this spot for more information as the two continue their work on 3DS hacking!

On Twitter:


Pokemon X/Y RAM Dumping And Editing Completed

Posted at 2014-04-12 23:22:36 GMT by Bond697
Bond697 and Slashmolder have managed to accomplish 2 big goals: Pokemon X/Y RAM has been both dumped and edited. They have managed to dump and edit the FCRAM while inside Pokemon X/Y. Slashmolder gave himself a Hoopa and is doing more general testing and Bond697 ripped the Pokemon X ExeFS to begin reverse engineering. This is the start of datamining efforts and will hopefully result in a good deal of new info. Keep watching this spot for more info!