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  1. Here's a Yoshira Mew provided by @gwizofthestars (Website, Twitter, Instagram) from a registered team in Pokemon Stadium. gwiz was a winner of the Mew for the Millennium Nintendo Power contest. It seems this Mew was traded to Gen 2 at some point since it has a TwistedSpoon as its held item, and it is also at level 100. 151 - MEW - 4DBE.pk1
  2. Posting my finding on the offset locations for the Registered Teams. It seem that the Japanese version (G&S) only has 10 registered teams per mode, which puts it in line with the English version. Also will be clarifying the Pokemon data structure. First the is a registered team is made using OP's post as a base: Registered parties are 0x180 each: 0x10 header + six 0x3C pokemon structures + 2 bytes padding, 4 byte footer and 2 byte checksum 0x00 Header: 0x0 1 True if team is present (0x00 if no team) 0x1 1 Padding 0x00 0x2 2 trainer ID (default 0x0000) *0x4 12 Trainer n
  3. Here is the info for the Japanese version of Pokemon Stadium (called Pocket Monsters Stadium 2 over there). Save structure is pretty much the same as: Stadium 1 (JPN) [Pocket Monsters Stadium 2] Registered Teams ---------------- Team structure: 0x000: Unknown, seems to always be 0x0001 for all teams (2 bytes) 0x002: OT name from the save that registered the team (6 bytes). 0x50 terminator and padding (0x00) until 0x007. 0x008: OT ID# from the save that registered the team (2 bytes) (0x00 padding after?) 0x00B: Number of pokémon in the team (1-6) (1 byte) 0x00C: Pokémon slot
  4. Hope this will help anyone who is trying to figure out info for Pokemon that are registered in their cartridges. I couldn't find any extractor/save editor for this game, so I looked through the save data itself and used @suloku's post on Pokemon Stadium Zero registered teams as a base. My game is English version 1.1, but I assume it is the same for 1.0 and 1.2. Also, registered teams for the different modes are all over the place. Will post their pointers at the end. Stadium 1 V1.1 (ENG) Registered Teams ---------------- Team structure: 0x000: Unknown, seems to always be 0x0001 for all
  5. Turns out Kaphotics fixed all of the Gen I issues (that I was seeing at least) in a dev version around the time I made this post: https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/issues/2964#issuecomment-673888005 You can either download said version (linked in the comment I linked to) and build it (I used Visual Studio 2019) on your own, or you can simply wait for the next official version of PKHeX which should have these changes.
  6. Didn't notice that comment. It seems that the US versions overall have no issue with catch rates, but Japanese and other international releases do have this issue. I tested out 200622, and it doesn't flag them as Invalid (so legality for Gen I checks was changed with the latest release or in 200718), but it still gives them a 255 catch rate which I believe is inaccurate, so the underlying problem seems to have been there for a while.
  7. Not sure when it started to occur with the latest PKHeX, but I noticed that some Pokemon in Gen I JP games started appearing as Invalid due to the catch rate. These Pokemon have never been transferred or used in Gen II or Pokemon Stadium 2. The image I uploaded shows how it looks on the latest version of PKHeX (left) compared to an older version (20190919, right). Guess it's due to PKHeX seeing the catch rate for these Pokemon as 255, which might not be normal? When I load a US Gen I save, the catch rate for these Pokemon appear normal (which is 173, which are Berries in Gen II) with no l
  8. This is truly awesome. Tried it on my rom copy of Emerald. Will make a backup of my actual R/S/E games and will try it on those.
  9. Actually, I ordered an EZ Flash iV GBA rom cart. Will that be good enough to run the RTC edit program?
  10. I wish I didn't drop out of the scene so soon. I highly doubt it, but has there been any movement in terms of transferring that GBA Flash Card program for use on a DS Flash Cart? Unfortunately don't have a GBA Flash Cart for use at the moment...
  11. I know this post was from seven months ago, but can anyone confirm if the RTC fix in A-Save truly fixes the clock in RSE back to its normal form (after going to different areas, saving, loading more areas, saving, etc.)? I'm really hoping that it does, want to try to get back to battling my friends in their Secret Bases. Nonetheless, thanks for A-Save, KazoWAR! Really awesome that you made this!
  12. New to Pokemon X and Y hacking. Can this program look at ESVs, or just TSVs? Also, this program can only look at six Pokemon in one box at a time, or thirty Pokemon in one box at a time? If the former, guess I'll have to go to the Mass Dumper.
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