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  1. mGBA 0.10.0 adds RTC data at the end of the save file, you can manually delete them with an HEX editor or, as @BlackShark suggested, use the PKHeX dev build until the next stable release.
  2. No, you can't. In order to edit saves from Pokémon 3DS games (like Ultra Sun) you need a decrypted save file and you can decrypt it only using a modded 3DS with a save manager like Checkpoint. Nowadays modding a 3DS is very easy and there's almost no risk, you can read this guide.
  3. If you upload your mon in Pokémon HOME, the server will assign it a new tracker ID.
  4. Is there an option to disable this feature in mGBA? (I looked for it, but I didn't found it)
  5. 6149 - Pokemon - Black Version 2 (U) (frieNDS).sav (I personally recommend HxD Hex Editor)
  6. Unfortunately, starting from LGPE there isn't any Pokémon game with every existing Pokémon, so you can't use a save file like a Pokédex. But you can dump your Pokémon files from your save files in order to create your own Pokémon database.
  7. mGBA usually creates a save file named *ROM NAME*.sav in the same folder of the rom file. You can directly import it to PKHeX
  8. You can use this plugin (but it's currently broken with newer PKHeX version, so you have to use an old one). Or you can use this stand-alone software.
  9. Yep, I personally used my actual GameCube with Pokémon Channel to download a Jirachi on a dead Sapphire cartridge.
  10. Jirachi can be redeemed also with a not-working RTC. But not Zigzagoon. You can't download it from GBA distribution rom or GC demo disc with a Ruby/Sapphire cart without a working RTC battery.
  11. It is possible to do this without restarting the game. First of all you have to change the internal battery, but it's not enough. When you install a new battery, the RTC (real time clock) restarts from 01/01/2000. The game keeps track of played hours, so if you (for example) have played for 10 years and then the battery died you should wait others 10 years to reach the "next day" in-game. Fortunately this little homebrew software can resolve the problem. You can use either a GBA/GBA SP with a GBA flashcart (like EZ Flash Omega) or a DS/DS lite with a DS flashcart (like R4). GBA VERSION: Download rtcread.zip Extract rtcread_mb.gba in the SD card of your GBA flashcart Start rtcread_mb.gba then remove the flashcart from the GBA when it's prompt (without turning it off) Insert your copy of Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald (the software should recognize the game) Set date and time of today Save NDS VERSION Download rtcread-ds.zip Extract and copy rtcread-ds.nds in the SD card of your R4 Insert your Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald in SLOT-2 and your R4 in SLOT-1 of your DS Start rtcread-ds.nds from R4 menu and set date and time of today Save
  12. Have you tried to start the game with the DS are you using? Just to be sure that the slot-2 works correctly. Have you tried to use another SD card with your R4 or another SD-to-PC adapter? In the unlikely case it's a reprodution cart somebody sold you as original back in time, you should try to dump the rom and looking for a save file nested in it with this tool.
  13. Hello, I have been using PKHeX for a long time with my old laptop and I recently built a new desktop PC with a 32" 4K display. With 150% resizing layout I noticed that PKHeX looks blurry, so I looked for some optimizations but the only one I found is this for high DPI. Now it isn't blurry, but it still does't work at the best. Anyone have any others suggestions?
  14. Did you restore your save file with Checkpoint once you have replaced it?
  15. With me everything works with My Pokémon Ranch and SaveGame Manager GX. How do you have modded your Wii? Maybe there is something wrong with cIOS installation.
  16. Maybe DS/DSi functionality was broken when you install CFW, it could happen. Following this guide you shoud be able to fix it.
  17. Yes, Masuda method works also in SwSh, according to Bulbapedia.
  18. Before the update it didn't even start, like the game was incompatible. Now should be ok (I just tried editing something and it worked). Thanks!
  19. If TWL Save Tool still doesn't work you can try this NDS Homebrew app that can be used also with 3DS via TWiLight Menu++ Releases · edo9300/ndsi-savedumper (github.com) Or maybe this, a NDS/DSi tool inspired by GodMode9, that exists also in cia version. Releases · DS-Homebrew/GodMode9i (github.com)
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