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  1. Why won't my Pokemon obey? I've started a new game in Showdown, and then used PokeGen to make a team. Now they won't obey.
  2. DMA has nothing to do with anti-piracy, as far as I know. I haven't used an Acekard in a while, but I think this should help: "Some games need hold A button to launch after patched anti-piracy patch. Now you can setup enable or disable DMA in menu. Press Y button twice when selected game and set up DMA. Enable DMA equal normal press A button to launch. Disable DMA equal hold A button to launch. " That was about the Acekard 2i Firmware version 4.23, released July 21st 2010. Either someone's marking the versions wrongly, or you're out of date.
  3. Either your flashcart has DMA options turned on, or you haven't renamed your save file to match thr ROM. Assuming you're using a flashcart, of course.
  4. In battle, wild Pokemon are commonly found with names like PIDGEY and DIALGA. In the US versions of Black and White, they become Pidgey and Dialga.
  5. You should make WonderTomb have an encounter like a Legendary's.. only one WonderTomb and it would be sitting in the overworld waiting for your interaction.. That'd be interesting..
  6. Hey, awesome job! It's really fun. One problem though: Could just be my DSTT, but sometimes if I enter a building (eg. Pokecenter) it freezes at a black screen, but music from the area outside the building still plays. I'm looking forward to the next release of this, it's really good so far!!
  7. woops, maybe he can be rebattled! I'll try battling the League again, see if that works...Expect an edit soon. EDIT: It works!! Excellent!
  8. Hey Roland, well done on the hack! I love it! But is it possible to make sure Red never disappears, so you can rebattle him?
  9. Alright, so I have a US Platinum rom on my DSTT, played it for a bit, saved it, tried to open it in PPSE. I can edit the Pokedex fine, but once I try to edit Pokemon the Editor crashes. Any help?
  10. If they do remake G/S/C, I hope we can travel to all the regions! That would be so awesome!
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