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  1. For Gen 8, What is a legal value for 'Fullness' and 'Enjoyment' in the Memory editor on a lvl100 pokemon, will it always be maxed out at 255? What about a fresh-caught pokemon, are both 0? (Assuming you are OT and current owner). I can check most previous gens myself, but not Switch games. Search function is giving me all sorts of irrelevant stuff when I search the two words fullness and enjoyment. Thanks
  2. Hello, sorry if I disappoint but this isn't an answer to your post. Was wondering where I could read more on the non-homebrew method to dumping my save file? This doesn't require a hacked switch I assume.
  3. Question! If I grab a legit-caught pokemon in-game, and make another of the same mon from scratch, and then proceed to manually copy the legit-caught's memories, Met-Location, do you know if the genned mon be missing anything unseen to the eye in those aspects? Or has it been known to not do the job in the past? I'm talking about going thru the drop-down list for memories, clicking the options, etc. Not using the legit mon's .pk8 file as it is and altering it like a template. Please lmk if that didn't make sense in any way. I ask cause my switch isn't hacked, so I don't have 'legit' .pk8
  4. Ok thanks! Can you add my friend-code so I know when you're awake/online?
  5. I have no means to a hacked switch locally. I was wondering if I could trade someone a pokemon to be looked at on PkHeX? I just wish to know my Secret ID linked to my OT number. Please let me know if you can lend a hand. Thank you. McgNuggets - 3027-9777-5302
  6. Hello all. I am trying to put a Jittery Mark on my Antique form, wild caught shiny Sinistea. My goal is to make the game announce 'Sinistea the Anxious' when I throw it out into battle. The problem is, I notice that the mark disappears every single time I click save (In the Ribbons list). It just won't stay by itself. I tried every single mark, and none disappeared like Jittery did so I assumed the Jittery mark might have been impossible for Sinistea. However, I got the Jittery Mark to stay - ONLY after I also checked the Smiley Mark. I tried every single mark+ribbon, and noticed Jittery
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