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  1. from what i can tell and correct me if im wrong the first part of the tracker is individualized based on who uploaded it and the last few digits are for the exact pokemon....so if you were to do this correctly and wanted to send some out maybe just change up the last 2 digits on each one instead of putting every mon you plan to disperse on your own pokemon home account
  2. would it be a good idea to steal the home trackers yall are using instead of copying our own? for ban risk? or probably dont worry about it
  3. ok so for ppl wondering this theres now a slot with the pokemon home tracker on the page with the origin information....just copy and paste
  4. im dumb can you tell me how to do this?
  5. How do I use batch editor to edit pokemon in a specific box?
  6. Nailed it! Thanks brah Plz lock thread someone
  7. What am I doing wrong here then if only like 6 pokemon in all my boxes became square shiny lol
  8. So I've used batch editor to make my pokemon square shiny With boxes highlighted and "any" .PID=$shiny0 Seems to work but some of the mons have this strange yellow indicator now
  9. So idk why the last post was closed bc my question wasnt sufficiently answered...I understand creating from scratch is better but does anyone know what this flag means and how to fix it
  10. So I just updated pkhex and now all my pokemon are flagged and they weren't before
  11. I might just get all the giga mons and then edit them instead
  12. This is one example, but most of the gmax pokemon that I make have encounter flags....I look up the location and make sure that the level met and location are the same as what I see from legal caught mons on youtube
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