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  1. Quick question what about Pokemon that can not be re-rolled and have a static PID and changing it flags it as illegal (Jirachi in your PKMDB for example) trading these out would be clones. In this situation wouldn't the clones just be deleted or unable to trade? Scratch this answered it myself thank you!
  2. Hello I had a question for anyone who has tried trading a Zeraora (Used a legit Pk8 file) in Sword and Shield , did you get the "there is something wrong with this Pokemon error"?
  3. Ahhh I see well thank you for the file and the help as always
  4. I tried trading a copy of your PK8 for Zeraora to my buddy (was rerolled encrypt and ID) , is this also locked for trade like Solgaleo, Lunala, and Necrozama?
  5. Thank you, so essentially bypass home with a pre-given tracker, and don't put it in Home essentially?
  6. Would love to hear on this as well
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