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  1. PKHeX (211001), Game: Sword Error: Analysis not available for this Pokemon Couple of days ago I've finally managed to snag a Shiny Ditto in Pokemon Go (september research task), I've transferred it to Home and then Sword and proceeded to send it off with a bot to pc to make a back up of the Pk file (I've done this with other Pokemon from Go before). The ditto has not been trained in Sword or edited in any way in Pkhex and using the bot that gave me the file I cannot trade it back to my game anymore. I've obtained the Pokemon in it's intended way so I presume there is an error in the Pkhex/Bot database. Projectpokemon kept giving me error code -200 while trying to upload, so I've used alternative sites. pk8: (removed file since issue has been seolved as of latest Pkhex update) Image of error in pkhex: https://imgur.com/8TefDKq Thank you for your time and I hope the issue can be resolved EDIT: Latest update has the fixed the issue and the bots seemed to be updated also since I have my Ditto back in my game, thank you all so much for the fast work
  2. I'm mostly followed by my Sceptile, it feels good to have one that's following you.
  3. Entei could have been either a Houndour or a Growlithe (or any of their evolutions) Raikou could have been either a Shinx or a Electrike (or any of their evolutions) That leaves Suicune open for me, because I feel that it must also have been a canine-like pokémon. It could also have been an Absol, but that disturbs the theory about keeping their own type. Maybe this will be revealed in the new movie, since the beasts will appear in the new movie. But that's just spectulation on my part.
  4. Ah, this brings back memories A few years ago I got a Digivice (Digimon) as a present, with it I could train my own Digimon on it To train it I had to walk while hanging on to it or by shaking it (Cheating) I trained it a lot and my ar.......It hurt a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!! So yeah I probaby won't use the Pokewalker.........
  5. My first shiny was phanpy, I've caught it in Fire red with a repeat ball
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