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  1. In all honesty, I think Nintendo snubbed a lot of "legal" things we should be able to do, such as Mew and Arceus. I really don't mind the whole "legal" argument, but I would like to be at that point in time where Nintendo started correcting it's past mistakes. Which we all know will never happen...
  2. Have you found that script perchance? I'm mainly interested in fixing the event with Rayquaza. I found out battling Rayquaza in Pokemon Emerald when you first start the game causes the game to believe that the event has already happened later on when you are taken to the Cave of Origins to talk with Wallace, which causes you to be stuck with Groudon and Kyogre battling in Sootopolis with no way around it.
  3. How exactly does the Walk in Menu code work for LeafGreen? My Action Replay (the one that has a printer cable port on the side, v3.3) keeps deleting the last two lines of it, which is weird...
  4. Yes, I was actually referring to what you meant to say was legal/legitimate or not. I have these three Pokemon to show. Two are shiny as well, and I've already found out how to fix the errors that they have. 250 ★ - HO-OH - FCBB3BC95539.pk4 249 ★ - LUGIA - 6D383BC95539.pk4 025 - PIKACHU - C87837FFFF7A.pk5
  5. I beg to differ on that. I've obtained many legitimate Pokemon, such as Bagon using PokeRadar, and that error persists. Actually, with most Pokeradar Pokemon it has that error, along with shiny legendary Pokemon like Latias and Latios, both static and roaming encounters, in HeartGold and SoulSilver. Yes, all without cheating or editing in case you ask lol.
  6. Hi there. I found this app and I wanted to let you know I managed to successfully convert a Mewtwo from my Red version to my FireRed version. I had to make a few changes, but it's a legitimate Mewtwo as far as PKHex's legaliy checkers are concerned. I basically loaded my Red version save into PKX Delta, clicked on Mewtwo, went to File --> Save As, dragged and dropped the pkm file into my FireRed save that was opened in PKHex, set Met Location as Cerulean Cave, Met At Lv. 70, used RNG Reporter to come up with a valid set of IVs, Nature, and PID, and saved my FireRed .sav. I can actually start importing this Mewtwo into my gen four or later versions doing this method, so I really appreciate the time and effort you took to make a program like this. I prefer executable programs over online ones because all it takes is for Nintendo to say, "Take it down!" and those online ones fall apart just like that, plus it's much faster when using an offline method too. Thank you very much for your work.
  7. Something's wrong with your GTS. When I obtain the Pokemon that you're offering, it gives me a communication error. Would there be a way to fix this?
  8. Hey there. umm.... I've found another glitch within the Rebattle Raikou/Entei, it causes the Red Gyarados to reappear at the Lake of Rage, and it causes Lance's and Murkrow's sprites to reappaer in the Team Rocket Hideout in Mahagony Town. And it also makes it to where you are prevented from going into the Safari Zone. is there any chance you could come up with a counter code for these errors?
  9. I've found something else on these threads that tugs my chain. Religious talk or any referment should be banned too, that is, not including PM's. Will you try to do something about this too please?
  10. Hello again Pokesav, or in this case, PKMN Database. I've found a pretty wierd error in a code I found for Diamond. I found that a rebattle code for Darkrai. But this code not only lets rebattle him, but it creates a glitch in the game. Do you think that this PokeMod might be able to fix this?
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