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  1. odd. im sure i picked the us version at the download spot. Well ill wait a few days and see what happens.
  2. The US Pokesav for HG and SS outputs my codes into japan codes.... possible for me to fix?
  3. Instant Black Trainer Card. Thats all i need. I myself have a gold. but i cant get the Master Contest Win
  4. What can i use to use the SavSender?
  5. Thanks for the help.. But it seems Complicated... and i dont want to use a rom. i just want to upload my save from my GAME to the computer. Is there any easy way to do that? i really want to use the full extent of Pokesav and edit my game
  6. Can someone give me more info on the Flashcart? One BIG Question is. how do i use it to get my save off of my DS game (Platinum) so i can edit it in pokesav?
  7. Where should i have posted it
  8. Thank you For your help. I really appreciate it!
  9. lol i know that... that would be... odd.. but i understand. ok. heres what i have i CAN make a shiny pokemon if i make it say it was hatched in its info then i could make it any level i choose. and moves.. Example I download a Tyranitar from the site. I make the info say it was hatched. Then i make it shiny. Then can i upload it into the game without a problem?
  10. can i make a pokemon that says it was hatched? THEN make it shiny. or do i need to start as an egg?
  11. Your saying that its for people who just want illegal pokemon? and what do u mean for eggs? also. If i were to do something online. would it turn into a Bad EGG?
  12. Then whats the point of the Shiny Option?
  13. lets say i got a dialga. and Checked the box to make him shiny. Will he be considered Illegal for online things? because i dont want a bad egg and i want to make a dialga shiny. and if i go online. i dont want anything happening to him P.S: Is this the right spot for this thread?
  14. Hello im new... well sorta. i have been using pokesav for a bit. and i have to say THANK YOU FOR IT! You have Helped me get pokemon i only DREAMED of having. Like my Little TRU Shaymin! you guys are the BEST. THANKS FOR YOUR HARD WORK! you really deserve a Kudos! Anyway, Im new and i want to be of service to anyone who needs pokemon from pokesav. i hope to be of help!
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