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  1. Yeah. I am using it for SMD. So good to know, thank you for clarifying things up.
  2. Question, as this is just me double-checking as I am kind dumb. The 'Starter Mod', it already covers all those things the other 'mods' listed have going, right? So if I want to edit my game to change my starters, I don't need to use bother with 'Portrait/Model' mods at all right? Or do I need to tinker with those to fix stuff like portrait/models? Just double checking, really! As the Starter mod itself does have those features listed as patched in.
  3. I am sorry to bother with such goofy questions, but this program has me completely confused-How do I get it to work with pokemon Black/White and Black/White2? Kinda want to just edit some abilities and base stats of pokemon, but some of the links aren't even working there anymore. Plus while I apparently have .NET framework in my pc, it isn't the default option-Where can I find the proper exe to run this thing?
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