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  1. Hey everyone. First post here, please bear with me! I'd like to give this a try but I see a lot of people have had issues with gettng it running, but I don't know how much OS X version is a factor here. Ergo my question is: has anyone been able to use this (the pre-winebottled downloadable in the original post) on OS X Mavericks (~10.9.5 - yeah I know I'm stuck in the stone age, but I don't really have the wherewithal to undertake a massive update at the moment)? If it would be inherently incompatible due to architectural/filesystem changes between 10.9 and 10.10+ I'd prefer to hold off till I can get around to a major update and/or download Wine and run it thru Terminal... But if anyone has tried it with success on Mavericks, or it is at least theoretically compatible, that'd be great to know. I don't have Wine, so I'd prefer the wrapped version, but if necessary I'll do what I gotta do. Thanks so much for any help/advice! Mew!
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