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  1. I am currently playing Pokemon Ruby on my EZ flash iv. As EZ flash do not have a RTC, i use the patched version (time only move when you are playing). However, how do i use the RTC editor that comes with PKHeX if i want to move forward the time in-game? I am currently at Shoal Cave and i need to move forward the time to change the tide. On the editor, there are 2 column, "Initial Time" and "Time Elapsed". I edit the "Time Elapsed" to move forward 6 hours. But nothing happens, the time does not move, the tide do not change. I then edit the "Initial Time" but not the "Time Elapsed". The clock moved forward and the tide changed. However, since i move forward the clock by 6 hours, berries should be growing. Yet, they are not (similar to the berry glitch). After playing for hours, the berries are still not sprouting. Did i do something wrong? Am i supposed to edit both the "Time Elapsed" and "Initial Time"? If i add back the time in "Time Elapsed" would it go back to normal? The editor also have a "Berry Fix" button. Would that fix things? What is the proper way to do it if i ever want to move forward the time again? Thank you for helping.
  2. Apologise if this is the wrong place to ask, but is there any tools / methods to convert the gen 3 events/wondercard into action replay codes such as pokegen with gen 4 and gen 5? had there ever been gameshark codes in the past for us to obtain event pokemon (like in diamond pearl there are code to activate the delivery man to give the players event pokemon or even the azure flute)?
  3. there is a threat here by BlackShark telling us how to activate the Memory Link in B2W2 using hex editor. However, the memory link data is dumped using his own save. is it possible for us to activate memory link using data from our own save instead? some of the features are reliant on our save, such as the team cheren and biancia used during their battle (based on the starter you pick in BW), the items in the prop case and the pokedex certificate and trophies in the player room etc. i am playing both Black and Black 2 on my flashcart.
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