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  1. this project rocks!! thanks so much for your hard work. are there any plans to include further sprite editing?
  2. .: Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon - Expanded :. Changes: -Tired of the limited default selection of mostly starters? PSMD - Expanded offers an expanded list of heroes and partners to choose from! Starter List: -Zorua -Vulpix -Eevee -Pikachu -Skitty -Shinx -Axew -Sandshrew -Ducklett -Litleo -Skiddo -Helioptile -Cubone -Riolu -Ponyta -Mienfoo -Growlithe -Sneasel -Ralts -Shellos Notes: Due to the way that the hack is set up, the game will start with both the hero and pokemon not having nicknames. (ie; Your hero is Zorua, their
  3. ok, tried it out on my homebrew 3ds using luma and still crashed after completing the personality test. thankfully this time i have a crash dump: if you need a screenshot of the exact crash itself, let me know. crash_dump_00000000.dmp
  4. hello! im pretty excited about this editor, because ive always wanted to play zorua and other pokemon instead of the regular starters in PSMD. however, i seem to be stuck on the part where you extract the base rom? every single time, i get this error: im not very experienced with stuff like this, so i have no idea where to go from here! any help would be appreciated. thank you! Edit: ok i got it working with a different base rom. however, after all my edits, the game freezes after getting to the section after the personality test. testing the base rom doesnt produce the same
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