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  1. Does anyone have a working IV modifier (marking) code. I tried the one way back on page 2, but this just crashes the retail cart (Pokemon White). Alternatively is there a wild pokemon modifier that also allows modifying of the wild pokemons level and IVs yet? Thankyou.
  2. Ok, I recently got an Action Replay Dsi so I could use it with Pokemon White and I updated its firmware. Yet I cannot get the game to boot (even with no codes on) through the Action Replay Dsi. Anytime I boot the game the top screen turns light blue with what I presume is an error message (in Japanese) and the bottom screen is white and blank. Any idea what is wrong here? Thankyou.
  3. Hi, Request :- Does anyone have the code to get both fossils for Pokemon White. I wanted to use the Rock/Flying dude (Aaken) in my team, however cos I couldn't read Japanese I accidentally clicked the top fossil. So does anyone have the code for both fossils for Pokemon White? Thankyou.
  4. What is the 85h value for a pokemon caught in the Bug Catching Contest in the National Park?
  5. Ah I see now, its because I was inputting the wrong font into Pokesav. Thanks for your help. Though is there a more efficient way to type Fullwidth font than literally c+p from a unicode fullwidth characters chart?
  6. Sorry but I tried that. And yet in-game the English characters generated by Pokesav still appear smaller than the English characters used in Japanese Heart Gold.
  7. Basically whenever I sav a pokemon for HG it alway gets boosted exp despite having same ID, secret ID etc. I believe this is to do with the size of writing. When you enter your OT in pokesav it appears in game same size as English version writing. However the English version writing is smaller than the English text used in Japanese games causing this problem as the Japanese games use a larger font size. You'll notice this if you flick between an in-game caught pokemon and a pokesav generated one. Does anyone know how to get the Japanese sized English language generated by Pokesav? Many Thanks.
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