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About Me

...I have Autism/Aspergers. I made a whole epic post about it in my profile, but a lot of what I said, true as it was to my condition, was just too much drama, so I edited it out. It does effect how my brain works, yes; But it isn't all who I am ^_^; I would hope people just look past that I have a condition and treat me no better or worse than if I didn't have it. Thank you!


On several other forums, I tend to use the name "Jirachu" (a name i've been using for pokemon forums in general for years).

I am probably Korrina's biggest fan (and fangirl) in the history of ever xD

I have a lot of favorite Pokemon. Generally, I like cuter ones (with more of a weak spot for fighting types now too thanks to korrina ;3).

I also watch My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

I may add links to some friends forums to this profile sometime so people can check them out! :3

My favorite colors are pink and yellow.

Playing Pokemon games and walking my dog are two things I tend to enjoy doing a lot when i'm not on the internet xD

Oh and daydreaming about being Korrina's girlfriend ❤️ That too. ❤️

I'm also a fan of Kirby (POYO!^.^), Hello Kitty, flowers, fashion (some-what), Adventure Time, Steven Universe, blingee.com, Lisa Frank, having interesting dreams at night, lucid dreaming, chocolate, and generally anything thats cute and girly xD

One could say my girlyness makes me relate to Korrina less (she's some-what a tomboy?) but she's extremely special to me and I know how special she is to me too so even if people question me about her I won't be too bothered~

(also, if you think its 'weird' that i'm a girly girl with a crush on her, well i'll let you know there's such a thing as a 'lipstick lesbian' and i've read quite a bit of stuff about them online throughout the days of my thing for my dear corni so lol)

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