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  1. I am in day 11/30 and missing this type so far xd
  2. i hope they can be obtainable more easy than the last time lul
  3. the first legit way to get one shiny mew was a old sea map in jap emerald, and the event is not available anymore, the non shiny mew is obtainable for everyone in GO and take long time to complete like the other mythicals in the game wich their availability is at hand of everyone even free players, obtaining a shiny one should be realy hard to earn, so i think is ok with the actual way.
  4. there are sometimes i trade in HOME and got a shiny pokemon with nickname and OT for example pokegen.com , or something like that, they are hacked pokemon, i think slayer means about that mons..... actualy there is a chance they hack the save data?
  5. ooooo, i didn't seen any flag reset option for that in pkhex, sowwy no idea how to help there xd ...
  6. well.... you can get a gen 3 starter at the start of the game, after Delta episode credits and all you are back to town then you can chose from gen 2, then go to defeat elite 4 after credits you are back to town again you can get a gen 4 starter, beat elite 4 again and after credits you can chose from gen 5.... the gen 1 and gen 6 startes are ibtainable in XY, this is how you get all 6 gen starters between the 4 games..
  7. is a permanent story task, if we can't complete tasks in event time will still be permanent like regigigas genessect event tickets worked, but this mew reward will be shiny,
  8. i see why some ppl asked me to borrow a legendary/mythical to send their own GO legendary/mythical in their own games O: , i understand now, i hope they fix it because no many people have event pokemon, and GO is the optional way to get them.
  9. i tried to send one sky forme but didn't worked, i should try again lul
  10. hi, i am just kinda curious with those pokemon marks, i sent my mythicals from GO to home and found them with that distinctive mark, the others below are from other diferent events but, why GO pokemon have the G mark? Why the rest don't have their own generation mark? 0: even the meltan - melmetal from let's go don't have it.
  11. there.. 640 - Virizion - AF603CC470AC.pk8639 - Terrakion - 8469C876ABA5.pk8638 - Cobalion - 6D1F25994AE7.pk8638 - Cobalion - 6D1F25994AE7.pk8
  12. you need to meet Sonia on the outskirts of Freezingtown unnder a tree, then after the cutscene will trigger a event wich you will have to find evidence footprints around the wild area, it looks almost like a sparkling item but you can see is a footprint, they are kinda easy to find, there are 150 footprint total, 50 for each pokemon, each footprint count as 2%, remember there are 3 set of 50 diferent footprint names the progress will count separately, in one of the freezing town houses you can meet sonia again talk to her to check the footprint progress, when you find 50 footprints 100% of one pokemon Sonia will tel you the location of the pokemon, legendary pokemon will spawn in the wild like the roaming pokemon, they are easy to find.
  13. i think pkhex didn't update that yet, there is a lot of stuff wich need to be updated yet lmao, let's wait a little
  14. there are many users having problems to send mons from GO to HOME and they are stucked in HOME....
  15. sooo at the end dynamax adventure legendary can only be star shiny wich is fair enough.
  16. celebi is only available without any kind of events in VC
  17. the dlc was officialy launched month ago? no one has the dlc data a month ago, unless nintendo is working here, ofc the pkhex is not working with new stuff, you need to be patient, the coding is not easy, don't complain you can even use it for free
  18. be patient and wait a week, is always the same with new games/updates.
  19. genessect is not catchable as victini, is only available as mistery gift with cherish ball, you can just inject genessect in your save(?
  20. will see what i can do to replicate it and check it, dont have moded switch yet, maybe someone can help me to check it*, will reply when i have the data replicated >.<
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