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  1. Open your game in DeSmuMe and Import your sav file then save the game and your new sav file is a .dsv file. After that you can use PkHex/PokeGen to edit your game.
  2. Anyone know what happened with Legendaries in March?
  3. If you use those pokémon in 4th gen are legal but if you try to "tranfer" that information to 3rd gen are illegal
  4. I apologize about the rom. That information is for Aura Mew and 10ANNIV Cartridge Edit: Recently I found the Cartridge distribution for Shiny Zigzagoon (UK) and Aurora Ticket (US) In the case of Trainers (ect) and Berries (ecb) I have those files to inject (I don't know if they have compatibility with Emerald version) and save files to use with e-Card rom to transfer the trainer and berry to Ruby and Sapphire.
  5. According with this post I sent you an e-mail with a little information about the "Mystic Ticket TGC World Championship 2005", I have that WC3 file and is the same information in comparation with the others "Mystic Ticket" files. some weeks ago I found the gba file for this Wonder Card, I mean the distribution cartridge as gba file.
  6. Do you have those Wonder cards? I mean "Altering Cave" and "Wish Eggs" because I just found the pk3 files for Eggs but never the wonder card for the Altering Cave.
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