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  1. Hi guys, Hi, I revive this because I promised to give you the sprites without a watermark. I just updated the post with a mega link to all the work I did those days, it is not much but if it works for someone I will be satisfied, bye ^^
  2. pkparaiso is doing the 8th generation sprites so you can wait for them on this link. https://www.pkparaiso.com/espada_escudo/sprites_pokemon.php See you, thanks for the support
  3. @RobSp1derp1g yeh you can. @Sentaku yeh i dont care, But you have to wait to no watermark version.
  4. Don't worry, I'll upload it in the next few hours
  5. @Dhammlg Yes, that is enough. I only request for recognition, which PokemonShowdown hasnt done
  6. Sure, and without apology. Basically they said that for the next time I would put a watermark. Nswitch sprites are 50% more work than 3ds.
  7. Thanks @Lealdo for your words. The watermark will have a limited time. I didn't want to do this but PokemonShowdown uploaded my content without recognition. There are more than 400 sprites uploaded without recognition...
  8. Yes, I dont know if it is possible either, I have touched all the buttons but I havent succeeded, I have had to use PS to make them smalll
  9. @theSLAYER nop, i capture it with handheld mode. you know if we can zoom in or zoom out (dex) to the sprites, since I couldnt
  10. Hello, first of all I would like to clarify that this work is hard and takes me a long time to do it (for the 400 sprites that we have been doing on this page it has taken me about 250 hours or more), so if you are going to use my work on your website I do not care, just name me or put me in your page credits. pokemonshowdown.com and its sponsor smogon.com at the moment dont have permission to use these sprites and those I'll have in the future, due to the lack of appreciation (to reverse this situation they should talk to me) projectpokemon.org is an example of how my work is appreciated. Thanks to @theSLAYER and the entire admin team. In this thread I plan to make the nintendo switch sprites, I leave meltan and memeltan here. Sprites Pokemon Sword & Shield: Upcoming note: Pokemon showdown imported my files without my permission, so sw / sh sprites will have a limited time watermark https://mega.nz/#F!pltwhCTL!rtVqFhgBVluywFMHJAFHUg Pkparaiso is doing the 8th generation sprites so you can wait for them on this link. https://www.pkparaiso.com/espada_escudo/sprites_pokemon.php EDIT: https://mega.nz/folder/Vw10xS7Z#XxqMhKSg9rIGTuEDn0MzPg VERSION WITHOUT WATERMARK (INCOMPLETE)
  11. Merry Christmas! I bring all of you a gift for those who like crobat, kyogre or zapdos. They are my favorite pokemon and I made these forms for my birthday several months ago and now I share it for all of you!
  12. I have not had any error either, I have only added a couple of pokemon from other generations (that have appeared as eggs) and I have filled the pokedex, but it has not corrupted my save file. I do not touch the money part, so i dont know.
  13. I looking at both: the pokedex and the battle, I could not see any difference
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