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  1. I have No idea what is happening. The December one just randomly started working fine after I restarted My computer when it was stuck on verifying. The newest update for some reason doesn’t want to open. All it says is verifying but it gets stuck there which is weird. It had opened on my Brother’s mac but then closed down and said it was from an unidentified developer and he had the setting the way the post was specified.
  2. I have everything set up just like in the post. I double checked and nothing. For some odd reason the December update runs on my mac and the new one doesn’t. For now I’ll just keep the older one.
  3. Downloaded the new one, did everything and all I get Is the verifying screen. I tried Opening it with terminal through Packaged Contents and nothing, but the same message of verifying.
  4. SO I just downloaded the most recent update and when I try to open it, it says that a fatal non UI error has occurred and there was a problem displaying the details. and now not even the app that works is opening because it says it is no longer available.
  5. I keep having trouble with this. The app gets stuck on verifying and the status bar does not even move. It opened on El Capitan but does not want to on High Sierra
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