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  1. Ok i find, finaly, the time for test. 1.The pokemon i catch randomly and clone with Pkhex pass with no problem. 2.The meganium still not pass with the exp edited, but like my last year experience apperently give to him and the espeon fix the problem and now they pass. I don't know why the Ho-Oh dosen't pass but at least i have my original team pass
  2. Unfortunaly no automathic backup, mostly becouse i normaly do it to my self evreysignle time but...i miss thiss time. I will try and then let you know. While im doing this im gonna give some exp to the problematic trio, to see that this can also fix the problem like last year for my VC Red save file.
  3. Unfortunaly i don'ìt have the non edit save file anymore, but i can try to give to them one level in game, so the exp will "reset" to a more natural number
  4. Mine is incredibly basic, i just slightly edit my origina Pokemon Sun team https://richi3f.github.io/pokemon-team-planner/#incineroar+toucannon+ribombee+lycanroc-dusk+mimikyu+kommo-o Rikodoh (Incineroar) Hirota (Tucannon) Minami (Ribombee) Koira (Lycanroc Dusk) Torahiko (Mimikyu) Kommo-o (i forgot is nickname) Lucemon (Necrozma + Solgaleo) Is a very basic and boring team, but i want again to limit my self only to the new Pokemon introduce in Gen7 (no alolan forms or UB). Also i decide to do that just for have a challange in the late game (the water
  5. I attach the wrong file i ment to to attach Ho-Oh. How i can adjust the error in the info? Just for experementing in my Silver copy i got a similar problem, the starter and the one eevee obtain in game don't pass (i just edit the experience for the nature, but probably even with out wanting it cause a similar problem) as long the lugia catch in game. But i create out of noware their copy directly in Pkhex and they pass with out any problem. I don't know why Transporter give me so many problem with in game catch mon, even last year that i have not even access to Homebrew my entire adventur
  6. I feel a bit bad make my second post here, since im just arrive, but i try to solve the problem my self but nothing change. Since i was lazy i edit the exp point for my pokemon inside my VC Gold, for the nature, and add some move that i want to use in my single player adventure in US. The problem for me comes with two specific exemple be my Meganium, Espeon and Ho-oh. The first two ware edited in exp and some move (i check up on serebii to be sure they ware moves i can get in G/S), the Ho-oh was not touched with Pkhex at all. I just use the master ball and direct in to the box. The Tran
  7. Hola...or in this case better say Hello. Im a 28 year old boy how love baseball, my favorite hobby other then baseball are of course videogames and with that it comes Pokemon. My english is not perfect, is better then my Spanish to be honest, since im from Italy. But i hope i can still have nice conversation with all of you guys, is bean a long time since i was on a Pokemon forum/community, it was Gen4 last time. Hope can have a good time with you guys here. Pokemon is not my only intrested; i also like Digimon a lot and of course some classic series like: Mario, Zelda, Kirby, Metroid, So
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