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  1. pkman99

    PKHeX for Mac

    @jasenyoface any reason for not updating this? (I have a newer wrapper working even on 10.8 with the newest PKHeX version) It is also a good idea to swap from Wineskin from doh123 to the updated Wineskin Fork that's stable and works on OSX10.8 > macOS10.14, it directly downloads wine from Winehq and always downloads the latest version of Winetricks.
  2. pkman99

    PKHeX for Mac

    It works on Mojave so it will work for you, it has just not been updated in while so you won't be using the most recent version of PKHeX Also the version available for download is using Wineskin-2.6.2 not Winebottler.
  3. pkman99

    PKHeX for Mac

    Your welcome, Not exactly the way I meant but it works, some users might get scared with the cmd being launched. I'm going to PM you a link instead, stock Wineskin can handle that correctly, But I do know Wineskin Navy can.
  4. pkman99

    PKHeX for Mac

    @jasenyoface You know it's possible to have both PKHex & PKHaX working from the same wrapper right?, If you like I could modify your PKHeX.app to launch normal it will load PKHeX as normal then launch PKHaX when holding Option on Launch. For updating all you would need to do it replace the PKHeX.exe with your version that includes the replaced icon and it's good to go. Also your wrapper should work on MAC OSX 10.8 and up since you have disabled the "GPU Info" checkbox
  5. I installed Both Nova sun and Umbra Moon and both are not showing the new items in shops the prices did change but removed items are still listed. I installed with the drag & drop method and using Luma 8.1.1 Ruutile Ruby is working correctly so I have no idea why its not working as it should, I see on GBATemp others are also mentioning the shops not been updated correctly
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