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  1. Not had time to verify this, at the moment I’m fixing some packages on macports-ports
  2. I’m not aware of any issues with wine-stable-5.0.1 that would prevent .Net from being installed. As I spend the majority of my time in macOS I use a CrossOver-19 based compile (Wine-4.12.1 with thousands of patches) Just make a clean 32Bit prefix then run winetricks -q dotnet46 Once that’s done you should be all set as long as all wines requirements are installed
  3. PKHeX can be ran using wine ether the version of wine your using had bugs/built wrong/missing libraries or you didn’t install the required version of .Net using winetricks.
  4. @Kas1302 I’ve never needed to crack CrossOver, I download it from the Advocates section in my account or download the latest source and compile it. also the 500MB doesn’t take everything into account just an fwi
  5. @Kas1302 I don’t use Winebottler so no clue what the hell its doing to cause this. I’m using Unofficial Wineskin with the CrossOver-19.0.1 based Engine Why don’t you just use CrossOver as you already have it installed, you can easily create a launcher for PKHeX
  6. From there responses that was the case, but as it was mentioned within the reply I assumed they were asking about the security settings I was showing Not sure why your copy is almost 9GB when mine is just under 2GB. The reason the PKHeX for mac is larger then the Windows executable is really simple, there is no mac version of PKHeX instead the Windows version is ran using a wine wrapper. The wine based wrapper contains; wine wineprefix (the fake windows environment) required dylibs PKHeX.exe .Net framework
  7. Are you transferring the save over TFP?, if you are set the transfer type to binary. Those are macOS Catalina and later security settings, I allowed my PKHeX wrapper access to the listed locations If those security setting are not set PKHeX won’t have access to the listed locations, well unless you have SIP disabled but I don’t expect a normal user to ever have SIP disabled
  8. No I skipped checking it since wine-crossover-19.0.1 works. I didn’t see much point testing CrossOver-19 since there the same thing just CodeWeavers shinny GUI and pearl wrappers are used
  9. I’ve posted about the status of each project May 24th, nothing has changed. And here @stackx revised the steps I’d posted precisely from memory while at work.
  10. Let me guess macOS Catalina? Check back a page I know someone reposted my instructions on getting PKHeX working using CrossOver. I really don’t feel like providing a working wrapper again when I’m unable to update the first post, you will notice I’m reporting myself in most posts within the thread
  11. After Apple's announcement of macOS Big Sur, I downloaded the Beta and for Intel systems anyway I'm still able to make use of wine32on64 o As can be seen in the screenshot PKHeX wrapper I made functions along with some games I tested Edit; I checked and @jasenyoface hasn’t logged in since February, so I doubt we will be seeing the first page being updated anytime soon.
  12. @italoarcos as long as you already have PKHeX working in CrossOver it's easy. Select the PKHeX Bottle, right click and select "Open C Drive", browse to where you place PKHeX.exe, create a new directory calling it "plugins", now place the plugins files into the directory and launch PKHeX and it will be functional. If you used anything other then Safari to download the files you will get the follow for each (I used chrome for this) You can click "Allow Anyway" Do that for each item prompted and it won't happen again, this can also be done via a Terminal command xattr -d com.apple.quarantine {drag_file_here} The above command will remove the flag from the downloaded file, I didn't try this on windows files but I have been able to run the command directly on compressed archive/dmg/zip files that contained app bundles so it might work for Windows files as those are affected now also.
  13. @italoarcos So yes I "Auto Legality Mod" can function when using CrossOver-19.0.2/Wineskin- with WineCX19.0.1-1/WineCX19.0.2
  14. @italoarcos yeah is found it’s GitHub repository, I think it should work but won’t be possible to test myself for a little while my MacBook is currently building Wine-Staging-5.11 & Wine-Devel-5.11 After those are done I can test it out, I gotten the latest version of Wineskin to test out on Catalina anyway
  15. @italoarcos I’m not too sure in this one I’ve never heard of that until you mentioned it, I’d think it could work as long as the needed version of .Net was installed.
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