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  1. Hi! Thanks! the game is excellent!! One question, Can i connect online safely (not for points) while playing the expanded build?
  2. I read it when suscribed thanks! Yeah i play with friends only but online i was worried about ban thanks a lot for your patience!!
  3. I read it, sorry i'm a bit confused so the pokemon can be used online or not? Because according to the tutorial PKHex says it's legal but the red phrase at the top says don't use it online, tahnks a lot!
  4. Hi!! Sorry for the noob question but then this type of mismatch it's a bug of PKHeX or it's normal?
  5. Hi! I'm going to update my umbra moon version but i have it patched for no outlines and inmediate text, do you know if this extra patches works on v1.2? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi!, I just installed CFW on my N3DS and i want to play this ROM, but i don't know hot to install SaltySD, can someone tell me how? Thanks!
  7. Hi, i have a N3DS with only homebrew, i only want to confirm the info, with only HBL there is no changes in the markets even with a N3DS? thanks!
  8. Thanks!! i will wait for it =D
  9. I downloaded two days ago, the two files, i will do it again and report thanks!
  10. Hi, i have a question, does pkhex legality checker takes in count the new breeding mechanics for passing down the pokeballs? I ask because i have a Empoleon with HA in dive ball and it's says is illegal but piplup can be catch with this ball and ability in dream world and pass to SM, and in SM the male can pass the ball. Thanks!
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