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  1. @jasenyoface this is a slightly off topic, but have you had any success getting the mass editor to function properly on mac? if so, would you be prepared to upload a .zip of this as you did with PKHex? awesome if so, no worries if not
  2. @jasenyoface strange, it worked the way i described on all previous updates your .zip has been working fine up to now, importing / exporting sets has worked a treat, suddenly the import function now brings up this error (see attached .rtf) this has happened with previous builds, usually restarting the software solves the issue, in this instance it has not, i've tried restarting the whole machine and the problem is persisting exporting sets still functional **EDIT, weirdly it is only giving me the error when I try to import a Greninja set? All other Pokemon I am attempting to import work fine — editing the set to be a Froakie and then manually changing to Greninja worked @Kaphotics do certain Pokemon have problems being imported? import set error.rtf
  3. tested, works great, thanks @jasenyoface and of course @Kaphotics, you total dons, you did prof oak a proud only issue, which was present in my own wine package of the most recent update (unless there's been another in last day or so, haven't checked) is PKHeX no longer auto detects the most recent save file from SD card not sure if this is something to do with my personal computer set up or the software on the whole, worth noting though
  4. @jasenyoface @Are You 18 Now Following your conversation, the advice provided by jasenyoface worked for me eventually, big thanks Initially, with every attempt, I would click [restart later] — it would fail to create an app every time Finally, I tried one last and clicked [restart now] — although I did not actually restart — nothing happened for a short while and then the process continued as normal The app now works, with just two minor issues discovered so far 1) this is the most minor, note the gender icon is a thin blue rectangle, clicking it will give you a thin red rectangle - this was an issue present in much much earlier versions running through wine, and hasn't been a problem for a number of updates (since early December) 2) clicking [trainer info] brings up the error box attached - currently not so interested in editing trainer info so this isn't a problem for me but worth noting I'm using what I believe is the most current version, 170131, although I've not checked for updates since yesterday
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