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  1. Hi, I just wanted to point a few bugs out. Firstly, attempting to use the Plugin on the latest PKHeX build just has it crash, secondly, attempting to select Groudon as a save path or as Peonia's path throws an error and does not save.
  2. Literally what it says in the title. I have a png edited to the exact dimension required, but when I try to do so, PKHeX crashes with no error. Would appreciate if this could be fixed.
  3. Can someone help me with the Move Stats editor? I get most of it but what does the effect part do? And how do you change a move's animation? I want to give Work Up the animation of Geomancy but I think I set something wrong and every time I use it it just says "But it failed". I changed the effect number to Geomancy's thinking it would repoint the animation.
  4. Can I just say how much I want to thank you for what you did to Aerodactyl? Head Smash and Brave Bird in combination with Rock Head. Good ~~ luck. And goddamned VICTORY ROAD. O~O It is a complete horde of legendaries in there. It really brought out my inner legend-loving child
  5. One very quick suggestion, can you make an option to import a Pokemon's OT, TID and SID from the currently loaded save file? PokeGen had this and it would make creating obedient Pokemon a little easier.
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