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  1. All 806 Legal and Shiny Pokemon

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    3 minutes ago, kambo_one said:

    Hello, downloaded the latest sav file, but apparently all the pokemon are showing up as illegal. am i doing something wrong or was there a change made  that corrupted the pokemon?

    Post some screenshots?

  2. All 806 Legal and Shiny Pokemon

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    7 hours ago, HakanBruh said:

    Thank you very much for this file. This is what I was looking for. I want to fill my Dex with these but I have some questions.

    If I just export them to my Savefile, then the Trainer Information will stay Gridelin and latest OT will change to my name. Wouldnt that cause a ban in future, since a lot of people do it like that?

    Can I change all Trainer Information from Gridelin (SID, TID, OT) to my own? I would probably have to change the Met Date too, right?

    Can I change the Pokemon Language, Country, Sub Region and 3DS Region in the Main Tab to Germany?

    If there will be no future ban problem, I would just load the boxes in my save file and transfer them to Pokemon Bank.

    Thanks in advance for the answers.

    Look into how the PkHex batch editor works, it will do everything you want it to do.

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  3. All 806 Legal and Shiny Pokemon

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    59 minutes ago, OrangeJ said:

    I have a question about the shiny celebi. There is a exclamation mark with the celebi and saying "event OT Friendship does not match base frienship". Why is that? So it seems like making this celebi not legal? what should do to make it legal?


    Change this value from 70 to 100, will fix in next update lol

  4. All 806 Legal and Shiny Pokemon

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    4 hours ago, RubyMilo87 said:

    Sorry I have another question, am I able to transfer some of these Pokemon to Pokemon Bank and then Transfer them to Pokemon Home?


    4 hours ago, theSLAYER said:

    sure, why not. It's not like HOME can tell whether it's genned in PKHeX or caught in-game, as long as the details are legal.
    They'll look exactly the same as data..

    @theSLAYER Can you please remove the review @RubyMilo87 left on this save. He left a 4 star review without even being able to get the save to work at all. It knocked it off of the most popular download do 10-15 slots, which is ridiculous considering they didn't even use the save file properly.

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  5. All 806 Legal and Shiny Pokemon

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    2 hours ago, AppleGeek said:

    Am I able to use this save file on my CFW 3DS to transfer a few Pokemon from this save file to my own cartridge and from there to Pokemon Bank and from Bank to Pokemon Home without any issues in terms of banning or legality with the mons found in this save file? If there is no issues am I able to trade/battle within Sword and Shield or on Home? 


  6. Hey everyone, I just updated the save file with a majority of the new Pokemon that are available from Pokemon Home. These were transported from my personal Pokemon Bank/ Pokemon Home, so I can pretty much guarantee these Pokemon are legal.

    These are the Pokemon I still need to add to the save, I could transfer them to my bank->home but it would take some time, if anyone has already transferred these let me know I'll add them in:

    Shiny Lunala + Solgaleo
    Some Pikachu Hats


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  7. 22 minutes ago, tireddada1 said:

    How can I batch edit my own PID and Trainer ID into the mons? I tried .SID= and .TID= and it gives me a total different number than what I requested. I am new to this and appreciate your help.

    View a pokemon of yours with your own SID and Trainer ID. While it's being viewed open the batch editor. When you select SID/TID you will see the value for the pokemon your viewing in the circled area here:

    Keep in mind you'll have to reroll the PID as well if you want the pokemon to remain shiny.

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  8. 34 minutes ago, KCMaster said:

    Just want to comment.. I checked quickly and found some Pokemon has several years old dates(captured, etc..), definitely before the release of Sword & Shield. Make no sense at the moment, because we can't bring any previous Pokemon officially until the release of Pokemon Home in 2020.

    Thanks, will change in the next update. This technically doesn't affect legality, as someone's switch can actually be set to a date before it was even released.

  9. 4 hours ago, Aelhis said:

    @Gridelin you going to update today with the english save?

    I'm waiting for the new version of pkhex to come out, the new legality checks in it will require a major overhaul to the save, and I figured it'd be easier to do the major overhaul starting over on your English save. But yes, the English version is coming :)

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  10. 32 minutes ago, Tomo4 said:

    Hey chief. Just popping in to let you know that I don't think the Alolan Raichu here is actually legal. When I bred two (genned) Alolan Raichu of the opposite sex, the resulting Pichu went on to evolve into your garden-variety Raichu.

    Thank you, any more insight like this will be useful! I'll mark those pokemon in another specific box in the next update.

  11. All 806 Legal and Shiny Pokemon

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    11 hours ago, Araraura said:

    Which of these pokemon were from events? I'm asking because I want to change the OT name and the IDs, except for the ones that came with a custom trainer name and IDs at events.

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  12. All 806 Legal and Shiny Pokemon

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    1 hour ago, Narakumo said:

    Sorry for being so needy but i have no skills when it comes to this apart from a few edits.. but noticed a few more "missing" apart from some legendaries obviously.

    First is Lycanroc Dusk form, Second is Tapu Fini.

    What do you think? :)

    Thanks either way before hand!

    I'll have to double-check, but are you positive tapu fini isn't in there? I checked the video I made months ago and it is there in the video.

  13. All 806 Legal and Shiny Pokemon

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    1 hour ago, Cryptic Soldier said:

    That makes sense. So aside from the event pokemon in here, this is basically a shiny living dex of every possible shiny pokemon, and pokemon (if it can't be shiny) that's ever been out so far, because that's perfect as that's what I need, and I can look into the event stuff from the GitHub later on.

    Yup! That's essentially what I was going for, with the added bonus of trying to make the Pokemon actually viable. Plenty of other living Dex and shiny Dex save files existed at the time, but they were all either filled with illegal Pokemon, or the Pokemon were not even close to usable.

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