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    First off I just wanna say sorry for originally giving this a 4-star rating. I was being an idiot and not using the save file properly. After getting help the save file was working just fine. This is an amazing save file, it literally has everything you could need. Edit: Also thank you for adding Solgaleo and Lunala's shiny forms.
  1. Sorry I have another question, am I able to transfer some of these Pokemon to Pokemon Bank and then Transfer them to Pokemon Home?
  2. @theSLAYER Huh strange, I don't remember doing that lol, thank you I'll go try it out.
  3. @theSLAYER First I open up my SD card and go to SDHC (E:)/JKSV/Saves/Pokemon Ultra Moon/main, then I take the "GRIDELIN053119" file and put it into the "main" folder. I then take my sd card out of the computer and put it back into my 3DS, I open up JKSM, I go to titles/Pokemon Ultra Moon/Save Data, and then I click the "Y" button to restore "main." I leave JKSM and open up UM and it results in the corrupted message.
    I recently tried to use this save file but every time I load up Pokemon Ultra Moon I'm brought up with "The saved game data is corrupted. Please go to the HOME Menu and refer to the manual for this software." I'm using version 1.2 of UM and my 3DS is version 11.13.0-45U if that matters at all. The steps I took to download it were, downloading it and putting it on my desktop, putting the file on my JKSM folder, inserting the SD card back into my 3DS, opening JKSM, and downloading your save file to overwrite the current one. Did I do anything wrong because I must have.
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