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    This savegame helped me a lot, it's a beautiful base! I'm having some problems with the 35 new pokémons allowed in the sword / shield versions, some are with invalid blows (bulbassur, ivyssaur, venussaur, ponyta, rapiddash, zigzaggon, linoone, popplio, brionne, primarina) I'm also having a problem when going to Home, some of them, when sent to Home disappear from there (bulbassaur, ivyssaur, squirtle, wartortle, vulpix alola, ninetales alola, ponyta, rapiddash, farfetche'd, mewtwo, and others with the HOME tracker) Thank you very much for making this base available, and thank you if you can improve the stability of the 35 new ones. I attached a version I made based on yours, where I change it to shiny square pokemons and not shiny pokemons, it also includes a cool shiny mew that I got here on the site, and removed the attacks that HOME considers illegal for sword and shield versions. main
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