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  1. Philbo

    PKHeX for Mac

    Is there a MAC 2020 update?
  2. But pokebank have said that they will enable previous Gen Pokemon to be sent over to sun/moon in their next update... but that wont change met location and stats will it... so sun/moon must have the capability to accept previous gen Pokemon... it must already be enabled in its code... so why cant i Gen them??
  3. Hi Guys, I have an issue... I'm unable to link battle using some of my previous gen Pokemon that i have created for Moon, I'm able to use them in the game, but when i link battle it wont let me use them and i receive an error message, i've checked moves, locations..bla bla bla, the PKHex version i'm using doesn't flag a problem with them, only with Gen 7 Legality. I'm using a MAC version without winebottler, does anyone have an update for MAC? or Does anyone have an idea why they wouldn't be able to be used in a link battle when i can use them in my Pokemon Y.
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