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  1. I am a little disappointed in what is shown, although they are early stages and the game will change in the face of the final product. The designs of the pokemons are beautiful, in that there is no doubt, but they are more caricaturized than ever, something that has happened with the aesthetics since the 5th gene, behind were the most realistic animal designs of Ken Sugimori What is shown in the trailer is basically a USUM pokemon but with higher resolution. We return to the random capture mechanics and without pokemon that follow you. Something that I think is a throwback, after what is
  2. there are rumors that will soon launch a mini switch and a pro switch. The mini would replace the section that today occupies n3ds / n2ds. Also, considering how Nintendo closed the DS / WII in its day with the exit of its successor, it is logical that with the switch with 2 years, and are planning this year close, so people migrate to the switch, probably with the pokemon exit sword and shield, are the final thrust, to close the online. Although the server of the Pokemon bank will probably leave more time, for monetary reasons but the games (gen VI / VII 3ds) I doubt that they can be played on
  3. Is it possible that these accessories are dumpered and emulated on the computer or on a cell phone? I would not like to be lost. Pokemon mini games if emulated by an example, I know it's easier because they are cartridges but I am powerfully called the curiosity that there is still nothing to play it beyond the original hardware
  4. Do not you find it curious that these titles have not yet translated fans? It is very complicated to modify wiiware games or the general public does not attract these titles, it is a real pity that these titles can not be played in English
  5. Is it possible to play in a wii USA modified to the Japanese pokemon ranch plus the update? There is no possibility to translate the Japanese game and make it compatible with American games? Is Japanese pokemon ranch compatible only with Japanese games?
  6. Was one of the first titles to play in the wii, is there any program editor to modify pokemons, put shinys, or change attacks? I'm curious because the 3ds wolrd has a save editor but this as the Rumble U of wii u has no scene behind. There is no interest in this title
  7. Is it possible to create a page similar to the official one and that works as a private server to emulate the mini games of the pokemon dreamworld? or it will be impossible, not for the technical, but also for the legal aspect with gamefreak?
  8. Is it possible with some program to modify the friend code and the name of the console to change the pokemons that appear in a pokemon game x / y? Because the online of the 3ds is in its last year, then it will be impossible to add people to capture in the friend safari
  9. Is there any way to access Wi-Fi Plaza with the original console or with an emulator?
  10. here you generate a game in Italian, use the checkpoint program to backup the game savedata.bin
  11. I would add pokemon safari zone and pokemon dream radar game.
  12. tapu koko does not let me trade, says he has a problem PD I hope your nick is panchita. trade with her
  13. I already accept you, my name is ultramoon, yours in the game what is your name?
  14. I already load your pokemons in my game, my FC 1392 9698 6493. I am now online, send me a message to twitter @licorisjiji name Seinan Go Go you're welcome
  15. Version 1.1.0


    The save contains past the first pokemon league, with Tyranitar level 100 captured Necrozma, Solgaleo, All 4 Tapus, Buzzwole, 3 Nihilego, Moltres and Regirock Correct Record mantine but not received the surf pikachu and 69 dominsigns, 3 received totems pokemons (Gumshoos, Marowak, Lurantis). Items Z: Ultranecrozium Z, Decidium Z, Primarium Z, Solganium Z, Tapunium Z and Psychium Z The language is Spanish main
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