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  1. Method 1/2/4 don't have the search nature mechanic. That's why without box Method 1 is the most common, it doesn't take much time to generate the pkm so less time for vblank to mess things up. I have never seen Method 3 or H3. Fishing falls under the H methods. The nibble chance is separate from generation. As Sabresite mentioned the H methods are for wild encounters and non-H methods are for stationary encounters.
  2. @Kaphotics when does the NPC get TID/SID generated?
  3. @Gridelin An easier option would be to use GameCubeRNG(which is built into RNG Reporter 10.3.4) and switch the method to channel then you can search by IVs and it also gives the seed. https://gyazo.com/04eae2f40b258eca54929be29a0d0dae Alternatively you can use PokeFinder to do it as well. https://gyazo.com/60386f34d42162b76cc15d08538e727a
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