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  1. Hello everyone I have been playing a bit with the PkHex and I would like to know if there is any way that the Pokemon Mysteries gifts have the same language as their OT. To make them more real by saying so Since I love collecting all the events but I want them to look as legal as possible. Thank you
  2. Does anyone know how to modify the exchange values ?, that is; that is not 10 or 40 if it is not 340 or a number like that. I tried to explore with Pkhex but I really could not and I did not understand what he was doing. Thank you very much.
  3. ¡Por qué me marca este Pokemon ilegal, si es capturado legalmente?
  4. When do you plan to release the PkHex update, especially with the best in terms of the White / Black Tree Nexus and especially the Mystery Gift Converter in quantity. According to Github, they say that they do not want to use updates from them here, then? ==merged== ¿Cuando piensa salir la actualización de PkHex?, sobre todo con las mejores en cuanto al Nexo Árbol en Blanco y Negro y sobre todo el convertidor de Regalos Misterios en cantidad. Según en Github, dicen que aquí no quieren usar las actualizaciones de ellos, ¿entonces?
  5. camus0314


    All of them mark me as illegal, but when I review it one by one they are already legal. So how do I modify so that they all appear legal with the Batch Editor?
  6. camus0314


    And how do I correct this with the same Batch Editor?
  7. camus0314


    How do I add removable movements with the Batch Editor to 700 different Pokémon?
  8. It's not even to sell or anything like that, it's to create a SAV to collect all those events. The idea is to create a .bank file (PKSM) and give it away in the groups since it would be very fun to have all that amount of events. It's not even to generate income or anything like that, it's just for fun. And if I need it, it is because the process of converting the events in .PKM format is very slow, because I wanted a tool to convert many to the field. Thank you.
  9. Yes, but I need to convert many files at the time, not one at a time
  10. I need someone to help me with an event converter to turn them PKM files into several large quantities. I need that tool very urgently. Thank you.
  11. I need to know if you can help me with an application or if there is a way to convert Pokemon in PGF (Mistery Gift) format to PKM. Since I want to inject many events but all at once. Thank you
  12. It does not matter, can I get an app to do the conversion? And in future updates there may be ?.
  13. And is there an application or something to change the format to PKM once and for all Mistery Gift?
  14. Will it have a problem that the files I want to inject are in PGF format?
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