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  1. This seems really cool, almost like YAPE. Too bad I don't have a MAC OSX, instead I only have a Windows. Oh well.
  2. Interesting. I'm looking forward to the final version, currently doing a Moon Randomized Nuzlocke.
  3. This forum has nothing to do with that game, OP. I played it before.
  4. OP probably confused this site with the name of that game, Project Pokemon
  5. Sadly, i have no way of connecting my 3DS SD card to my PC.
  6. This seems amazing, but sadly i don't know how to install the homebrew launcher. (I always update to the latest version)
  7. Im kind of curious now, what will the hack tools be about?
  8. Thanks for your reply, i've read your guide, but i must say i have absolutely no knowledge in hex, so it will be kinda difficult. I am however, definitely looking forward to your hacking tools.
  9. I've just finished this hack, and it was pretty darn good, great job. I want to do a new playthrough, with "improvements" of my own, so i want to ask you 2 questions: 1. How do you edit the abilities/base stats of a Pokemon? 2. Any way to edit the Shadow Pokemon you can get?
  10. This looks interesting, i have 2 questions. 1st: How easy it'll be to IV/EV train? 2nd: Will you be able to see what wild Pokemon appear in a certain area?
  11. The universal Pokemon Randomizer can change the starters to every Pokemon you want of patched ROMs, i do not know about the unpatched ones.
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