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RMXP: Pokémon Meta Mercury


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  • All 721+ Pokémon will be available in game, with over 100 new Pokémon to discover!
  • New moves given to some pokémon, including some rare moves such as Chansey with Wish.
  • Pokémon have battling potential like never seen before!
  • Mega Evolution and Z-Moves
  • In-depth Story for All Ages
  • 3 Regions to Explore!
  • 3D Overworld!(+)
  • Gen 5 Style!

(+) Plus Feature

Pokémon caught in this game can be exported as a .pkm file and imported into actual cartridge games via in-game means

(requires Action Replay, Flashcarts, Ram2Sav, and/or Pokegen PkHex)

Pokémon can also be exported as text to be used in Pokémon Showdown

The Pokétab



Silph Co.'s latest, greatest invention!

Combining all technological utilities into one handy device, no trainer can call themselves an Ace without it.

It has even managed to replace the conventional Pokédex, being used to identify Pokémon by trainers and non-trainers alike!

Features in this handy device include:

-Dynamic Pokédex Application

-Hi-Definition Map

-Dex Nav Application

-Type Match-up Calculator

-Many more applications and games!

Field Moves and Abilities

To be covered at trailer release


To be covered at trailer release



The Starter Pokémon




The Stalk Pokémon


Type: Grass

Height: 2' 04" / 0.7m

Weight: 15.2 lbs / 0.7 kg

Ability: Overgrow

Males and Females at very different from one another.

The males are very prideful and like to show off, making it tough to train at first.

The females are very playful and kind, but their highly developed fangs lead to mixed results on their trainers.

Due to their differences, the genders almost never intermingle.

Males tend to stay to themselves, while females form packs of four to five, which are as inseparable as siblings.

Regardless of gender, both love to ambush and pounce on friends and foes alike.

When hiding among thick brush, the only way to spot a Cubush is by its thick tail.



The Shellfish Pokémon


Type: Water/Poison

Height: 2' 02" / 0.7m

Weight: 33.2 lbs / 15.0 kg

Ability: Torrent

Conoro are very shy and have no natural defense to protect their soft bodies from the elements, so they create shells by cementing together sand with it bodily mucus.

Due to the high acidity of this mucus, the sand becomes one solid piece, but Conoro can be disintegrate and rebuild it to better suit its growing body.

Most creatures that try to prey on Conoro find it has an awful taste and can leave a horrible stomach ache.

What Conoro lacks in deliciousness is made up for in self-defense strategies.

It produces poisonous darts from its diet of toxic seaweed, which it can fire in a deadly spray.

When out of its shell, It is also an extremely adept swimmer.



The Dynamite Pokémon


Type: Fire

Height: 1' 06" / 0.4m

Weight: 55.6 lbs / 25.2 kg

Ability: Blaze

Quiet but stern, Stegruff prefer to live far away from others in thick forests in order to graze on thick vegetation.

In order to defend itself, it can create an explosive burst from the openings in its carapace by igniting the leaves it has digested.

Doing this will make it become hungry again, so it must consume as many leaves as possible.

Stegruff's body is surprisingly sturdy and can be occasionally used to pull carts and freight much bigger than itself.

Many trainers end up picking Stegruff due to its power, utility, and loyalty.

There's a new gang in town, and they have one fierce  bite!

Trailer and More Pokémon Coming Soon

Meta Mercury will provide an example of working at the outer boundaries of what RMXP and Essentials can do.

It will also seek to improve the current system to be a more viable developing platform.

Discord Server is now Public
Click to Join:

Want to contribute to the project?

Fill out this application

Want to see something included?

Let us know what you want to see


Developed using:

Maruno's Pokémon Essentials

Including parts of scripts/resources from:

Klein Studio's Essentials BW

Luka SJ's Elite Battle System

Heretic's Miscellaneous RMXP Scripts

Neo Mode 7

The Entire Original Soundtrack (Work in Progress):









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update the moves to 6 gen values ( defog cant be done unless i am fucking something up on BW2 because it crashes wen i change it )

-Blizzard, Fire Blast,& Thunder are all 110 bp

-elemental beams are 90

-haven't done knock off's buff yet

-Something has been done to brave bird ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

-nuzzle has been added

-no fairy type moves as of yet

-New moves alltogther, including one that does type-less damage

anything I'm missing?

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if you have the time perhaps one day you can post how to xD

Eh, When I say a waay too much work, I mean you would have to:

-Go into and add the pointers that are needed to identify a pokémon. I have no idea what is specifically required.

-Repoint arm9 so that it doesn't crash immeadiately, which would probably take days.

-arm7 might need the editing job, too.

-Multiple scripts and text need to be edited to include the new pokémon

-Script functions would need to be redefined probably

-You would have to sprite, animate, and give this pokémon a new cry, stats, movesets, etc...


See what I mean?

This might not be everything that needs to happen and It may not even work.

It best to just edit over what's already there at the time being.

BUT Black and White 2 DO have those Props for PokéStar Studios "Pokéwood" that aren't related to the main game and have all the things required of a pokemon EXCEPT a dex entry.

Catching these props cause the game to crash, as there is no pokédex data to display.

If we could sidestep this somehow, We could introduce at least 20 pokemon into the game without erasing any existing ones.

I'm actually working on this at the moment and will take advantage of this in this project.

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