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  1. If you could inform me what I am doing wrong that would be great.
  2. I don't see how. I click Randomize, then Yes, then Ok, then rename the .code.bin to (TITLEID).bin, and put it in Luma3ds. This is the only problem I have not been able to fix, and I can find no one who has a fix to it.
  3. Randomizing TMs does nothing. The TMs don't change in game but editing the shiny rate works. I am using a 1.2 code.bin, and I am using the newest build of Pk3ds. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. I randomized the pokemarts on my moon game, but when I talk to a clerk with the edited shop.cro in my luma folder for moon, I freeze. Not a luma crash. Without the shop.cro I everything is fine. Any way I can get random shop items without crashing? Edit: It seems others are having similar issues. Anyone have a fix?
  5. Redumped exefs, got a code.bin this time, still can't click on anything.
  6. What should my exefs folder have in it? Mine only has icon.bin and banner.bin. I'm redumping my game right now to try again.
  7. My exefs folder is unpacked and it still doesn't work, do I need a code.bin or something?
  8. How are you guys opening the shiny editor? Whenever I go to open it, the button is greyed out and is unclickable? Any ideas as to why?
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