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  1. Now to install the .CIA I've got the FBI going but I just want to know does it normally take a long time for it to get installed and started up? Edit: When I use FBI to try and install SaveDataFiler it doesn't seem to offer any install option for when I press 'A' or 'Select' over it. Sorry I'm so dumb.
  2. It still says my game is corrupted. To be clear I used the Save Manager with the blue skull thingy.
  3. Thanks I'll give that a try and let you know if it fixed.
  4. OHH okay yes that's the one I'm using. Yeah I still have the Main file I edited. I'm just not sure where I access the removal of the SecureValue.
  5. Where in my files can I find that or how? o: It corrupted when I imported it back into game. I'm not using JK's Save Manager as that one didn't seem to be working for me I've been using the old Save Manager.
  6. Please move this if it's in the wrong spot thanks. o: So first I tried using my PKHeX with Pokemon Sun and it kept giving me the file size too big or wrong file type error, so then I tried it with Pokemon Y it worked totally normal all fine. Then I think I deleted PKHex and redownloaded it and now it won't open my main save file automatically, and when I do open the save file for Pokemon Y or OR all the squares show up red. I can't figure any of this out for the life of me just when I had everything fine before. EDIT: AND YOU KNOW WHAT I THOUGHT JUST MIGHT HAPPEN I PLUG IN MY ALOLAN GAME AGAIN AND BOOM BADDA NOW IT'S WORKING THANKS NEVERMIND OKAY IM DEAD Editedit: Aaaand I corrupted my data. :') ((So if anyone maybe has a completed game file I can borrow that'd be fantastic thanks.))
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