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  1. ozderya


    It was like a year ago. After that I continued game and got new savestates for some other reasons and do not have savestates anymore. I can share base save via private massage. It took me about a month to RNG all pokemon so don't wanna share it here. I have two save before and after getting it. You can do 100 battle and get it again or check what I received.
  2. ozderya


    No editing, nothing. I was RNGing every pokemon in Colo and I could not RNG this one. While I was trying to rng it I used savestate before getting it to calibrate and give a second try but messed up. When I reload my savestate game did not give me another one. So have to load game normally to keep it. Not sure if this issue had impact on it thought. Other that it is what game generated.
  3. ozderya


    I got it at Mt. Battle by defeating all 100 Trainers in Battle Mode and untouched. I'm using version 20.03.14. PKHex gives warning as Invalid fateful encounter. 250 - ホウオウ - 4CF75ABC971B.ck3
  4. I still trying to understand generating pattern and did not success yet. Is there any video to help me to figure out generating pattern?
  5. ajxpk, is that possible to change something and save? I tried change settings, and saved with Start. After rebooting room my edit was gone.
  6. I'm just wondering that after beating E4 in VC should I get GS ball to continue on emulator or if I continue on emulator asap beating E4 in VC can I access GS ball in emulator? Any idea?
  7. So how about Negaiboshi, it looks similar with BGF for me. I hope it doesn’t have same issue.
  8. Wow, I didn’t expect such a low number and I’m anticipating there is no flawless BGF, right?
  9. @ajxpk I’m not familiar how to seed work so I’m wondering how many unique BGF are there?
  10. I’m not sure if anyone tried to rng 10anniv pokemon, but I realize something important. Pokemon seed is generated by games save so if you use same save, you always get same pokemon (IVs, nature) and it doesn’t matter which pokemon you send. Maybe 10anniv pokemon is generated like WISHMKR jirachi or similar way. Discovering how PID generated offers us perfect IV and Nature. I'm not expert but someone can find a way.
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