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  1. I followed the tutorial and Dumped my pokemon shield v1.3.0, and the folder called "Pok__mon Shield v327680 (01008DB008C2C800) (UPD), when I tried to open with PKnx have this error "invalid folder loaded" , Dumped 3 Times and always have the error!! Have the lastest version of PKnx! Plz help!! Edit: sorry but the tutorial says the update must be "(Ver. 1.3.0) Pokémon Shield - 01008DB008C2C000 v327680 ( (UPD)" but the least 4 digits of the title id must be "c800" so idk it's the tutorial error or PKnx Code error Edit 2: Proved with Pokémon sword. V1.3..0... Same error
  2. You know how to edit drops in Pkhex? Can you teach me??
  3. Ok, sorry I'm only edit the SAV for my problem that I posted, not ROM, but for missingno I edited ROM and SAV!!!
  4. So, There is no solution for this, to keep the pokemon in the den even the days pass, because missingno raids when I hosting every day, the den can't change!!!
  5. I have problem, 3 days ago I found many shiny events dens (riolu, garbodor, charizard, duralodon, etc) and I backup these saves with checkpoint to find the best set and seed (raid finder) for these pokemon, but today when I restored one of these saves and connect to internet, the pokemon in the den change, I don't know what's is the problem with that, please if you know how to keep the same pokemon in the den even if the days go by, I will always be grateful
  6. Unfortunately I deleted it because I started another game and never made a backup of the previous one.
  7. Plz If somebody have a save file when you battle in aether paraside, could you share the file with me?? My other save file got corrupted!!! Thnx you!!!
  8. Somebody tell me because all pikachu hat haven't release yet!! For that reason we can't trade!!
  9. I don't understand the distribution for each 3DS Region, somebody can explain me with details??
  10. I can't trade my Hat-Pikachu to my friend!! Anyone know why???
  11. Yes I know that!! I just put because the event information of these pages don't say that !!
  12. theses events (charizard/lucario/piplup) have different met level that the original level!!
  13. Why delete this page https://projectpokemon.org/forums/files/file/2032-pokemon-rally-fixed-ot-mew-with-different-wc-id/ ??? It's illegal ??
  14. exclusive JPN consoles or for any region??
  15. If this event is not region block please could you share a code with me!! Another question (for all): Lycanroc's SID is 0000?
  16. Somebody know why the Tapu Koko's TID it's different the game (170317 ) and Pkhex (34893)??
  17. Hi!! I have a legal Volcanion but when I see my savefile in Pkhex!! I see the red sign in Volcanion!! I'm tried to fix the attacks in Relearn Move but I have te same red sign!!! [ATTACH=CONFIG]13147[/ATTACH]
  18. Thnx I'm only need the files to edit, you are my god!!!
  19. Somebody knows what file are for edit this image??
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